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  1.  Good game but has to many drawbacks


    This game has a huge variety of cards, and overall can be very fun, ive never played a yu-gi-oh game before, and found this pretty easy to get into.
    The problem with story mode is that it is an extremely dificult game.

    Story mode: Every one is pretty much you encounter is up for a duel. Sounds good, but all their cards in their decks are designed to work well and complement one another, they can easily get out their strongest card very early on and what's most annoying is it seems like every one practically has the trap card which destroys all your monsters when ever you manage to get a decent one up.

    You are given a poor mashed together starter deck with no real tactic available other then luck of the draw, whereas the games AI is brutally efficient. You can play a person many times and nearly every time they will end up with the same monster as their trump card pretty early on with 2000+ attack easily destroying your line up unless you are lucky to get a special tribute summon fast. Ive almost completed the game and dont have the required cards to use a template.
    All the battles you have to do for progression aren't too difficult with the right starting cards, so i ended up depending on luck for the harder duels. Just most optional duels are ridiculous.

    in my opinion the game would have been fantastic if you got to chose a structured deck when you start the game and add / alter it as you go.

    Overall the story mode is pretty short, and overly frustrating due to the AI of the NPC's and the poor line up of cards you start with.

    Now the Wi-Fi mode is what the game was made for, however for me it may have been bad timing, but i never managed to get a duel partner, i have limited patience so starting a screen for 10 mins waiting for a duel means i generally turn it off.

    There are plus's to the wi-fi then just duelling, you can download peoples decks and have the AI use them to battle you.

    Over all this game isn't for the faint of hearted, on-line play is competitive (so ive been told) and off-line play is cranked to maximum difficulty.

    Like with Pokemon, you will find that people have used action replay to unlock all the cards, or other similar benefits, thus will have an easy time with the perfect deck, those who play honestly will struggle.

    I do like this game, just one time too many have i been frustrated to the point i cant be asked to play any more.

  2.  Fun for a returning Pokemon fan but......


    Overall the game is pretty fun.
    I have not played a Pokemon game since Gold / Silver and have to say I really liked this game.

    It is relatively a fast paced game.
    Touch Screen was used very well, not too much or little use.
    Lots of interesting new Pokemon.
    Good number of 2v2 battles.
    Atheistically pleasing, the graphics are simple, but crisp and brightly coloured.

    I am dissapointed in the fact you cant catch a number of 'classic' Pokemon from previous versions, such as a Charmander or Mewtwo.
    My favourite Pokemon is Cinderquill which again was not available with out trading with other people.
    My biggest beef with the game is Action Replay and game hacks other people use, you cant really enjoy battling strangers if you know there's a high chance of them having all Maximum levelled legendary Pokemon with hacked stats.

    Overall it is worth the money if you want a fun RPG Pokemon adventure.

  3.  Great series but:


    The series is great but very expensive to buy the series. Also this collection is only season 1, it ends with a lot for season 2 to carry on with.
    I recomend this show to anyone who has not seen the original as it covers all what happened in the original series, and continues the story closer to the manga then the original series.
    It is silly that we in the UK only have vol 1 and 2 and the USA has all 6 volumes.