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  1.  it's a cracker!


    I currently work for a mobile phone retailer and so spend an awful lot of time getting to grips with the new handsets as they come in, to be fair of late nothing has stood out, with the exception of this handset.

    Firstly, yes the battery life isn't great and will probably need charging every 24 hours if you're a higher user (internet, calls, texts, downloading from the marketplace) but at the moment if you look across the board with smart phones each and everyone suffers from the same problem! as has been mentioned before there is an app available to stop any unnecessary applications therfeore improving the battery life.

    The touch screen is very sensitive, but you can decrease the sensitivity of the screen, i was blessed with fat fingers and being heavy handed and as of yet haven't found the touch screen to be overly sensitive.

    The processor in this thing is crazy! It is so fast, you will find that it outstrips even your wildest of immaginations! No flash with the camera isn't a major drawback, surely if you want a camera to do x, y, z then you would buy a camera to serve that purpose, the camera on a mobile phone is there to serve the purpose of capturing the odd moment here and there and so far i haven't found this one to be lacking.

    The swype feature is great, again for someone with larger digits touch screens have never been user friendly, but with swype you just run your finger over the keys you want to type and it gives you all the potential options!

    I have to admit i am certainly anti-i, but i would never claim this to be an 'iphone killer' they are the same, they just work slightly different, if, like me you fancy an alternative then this is the one!

  2.  Fantastic Value for money


    A lot of people are still unsure about the LG brand, but with televisions of this sort of quality i am sure that won't last too long!

    I sell televisions for a living and there are 2 32" televisions that sell themselves and this is one of them. Don't be put off by it not being 1080p or 100Hz, these are things that you simply don't need in a 32" television as the screen is simply not big enough to require their services! Put simply, you will pay more for a 1080p 100Hz screen and never get a better picture!

    Unlike Samsung, LG have stuck with the 2 scart socket option but for how long remains to be seen but this is great if you are connecting Sky + and a dvd player, most new equipment now does have HDMI connectivity on it, if that is the case use it, you will automatically see a better picture!

    I set one of these up earlier today for my sister and i have to say i was even more impressed with it in a home environment than i have been in store! even with the dreaded sunlight streaming through the window directly onto the screen!

    All in all this television is looked at as a budget or entry level tv, i would suggest to you that this idea couldn't be further from the truth, for picture quality it is fantastic, sound is what sets it apart from a Samsung though, speaker quality is far better in this.

    Keep in mind when buying a tv, your picture is only ever as good as the source you are playing back, so certainly give thought to something like a blu-ray player or at least an up-scaler to really see what this tv is capable of!

    Don't hesitate, buy now!

  3.  Probably the best album of 2010!!!


    Yes i am aware it's a little bit early to say something like that but this album is truly something else!

    With all Biffy Clyro albums they take you on a roller coaster of a journey, i defy anyone to show me a band that does higher highs and lower lows than these guys, their diversity is absolutely immense.

    This album has a more mature feel than it's more raucous predecessors and at first i was unsure but the more you listen the more you love it! Certainly their best work to date, which for my mind is a big statement to make about a band that NEVER fail to deliver.

    What a fantastic price for your audible pleasures! Buy this and buy it now!

  4.  good fun


    I've had mine now for a few months and i have to say i am really impressed by it.

    I bought this with 2 purposes in mind firstly i wanted a cheap and cheerful watch i can wear whilst at work so i don't need to worry about bumps and bangs or scratches due to the low value of the item, secondly for holiday to use in and out of the sea etc. I haven't used mine in or around water yet so i can't comment on that but i have had mixed reviews from people i know who have had one!

    I love this watch! it does everything i want, it's nice and light on the wrist, i don't even know i'm wearing it most of the time, when first bought it was a tiny bit tight but that has passed with wear.

    All in all a good value little unit and highly eye catching! Not too sure about water resistance but if you keep it out of the shower i am sure you'll have no worries with it!

  5.  I dare you not to love this film


    I watched this film a fair few years ago now, caught it completely by accident and it was the best chance happening ever! I have since raved about this film over and over to all of my friends, none of whom have ever seen it, i have tried in vain to get my hands on this film so that i can bring to the masses the sheer brilliance of possibly one of the funniest films ever made, so thanks play.com from now on when i talk to people about this film they will know what i mean when i say it is beyond awesome!!

  6.  it's a marmite movie!


    I guarantee that this film wil split anyone who watches it 50/50, i personally love it but for all the wrong reasons!

    It is like an amalgamation of Duel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Highwaymen and a little sprinkling of Road Trip, yes i agree it does sound quite odd but stick with me! It is gruesome to say the least, up until about 30 mins from the end it seems like a straight horror movie then comes the ridiculous plot twist straight out of leftfield and it is this plot twist that made me absolutely love this film! It is so far fetched and downright odd that i can't help but love it!

    Like i say it is definitely not one that will suit all tastes but if you like gore and you like things to be completely out of the ordinary then this may well be the film for you, if that is the case i also reccomend you check out 2001 Maniacs (the Robert Englund version) i promise you won't be disappointed!

  7.  blood and guts aplenty!


    Don't be put off by this one due to the singer - actor thing! It actually works really well! One of the hardest things to do in the horror genre is make a teen horror and make it not only plausible but good, a lot of teen horror flicks tend to take a turn towards the comedy side and, although this one does, it still manages to keep the gore flowing nicely!

    It's an Irish film set in a small Irish school around the time of a prom style gathering, this is when the fun ensues! Brilliantly made film that manges to blend horror comedy and still remain a decent watch. Not the best ever but it has a definite charm about it and as a bonus it is definitely worth watching more than once!

  8.  So wrong!


    This film is so wrong on so many levels it is untrue but it is an absolute masterpiece! There seems to have been a turn in the horror genre to taking very real situations and adding over the top gore as a shock tactic, this is the first film where it really is truly shocking but absolutely brilliant with it!

    After his debut, the ever so forgettable House Of 1000 Corpses, i wasn't looking forward to Rob Zombie's second effort but with this little treat i was surprised beyond belief, a little warning for all prospective buyers, this film takes gore to a whole new level so if you are in the slightest bit squeamish then leave this one where it is! You'll need an iron stomach for this one!

  9.  Poor


    The first film in this franchise was brilliant due to the different nature of it, the second film seemed a little strained purely because of the success of it's predecessor and the strain of living up to the reputation seems to have taken it's toll but it still manages to pull a half decent film out of the bag, this one however is poor to say the least. It ruins all the good groundwork set by the two previous titles, it is blatantly obvious what the outcome is going to be after 10 minutes of the film and you get a sense that the director is no longer trying more just sitting around making sure he is bringing in the big bucks, i suppose if you have seen the original two then it is worthwhile giving this a watch especially with it being so cheap and with the fourth film in the cinemas, other than that i would give this one a wide berth.

  10.  Will keep you guessing until the end


    This film has more red herrings than there are in the sea! It is by far and away one of the most intelligently written films i have ever had the good fortune to see, it is almost reminiscent of The Life Of David Gale due to the amount of plot twists, it will make you think you know what is going to happen and then it will be the complete opposite, if you want to watch a decent teen horror style film then i personally don't think there are any better films out on the market at the minute, so grab this one and grab it now!