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  1.  This book is stellar.


    This book is stellar ya know dat boys. Buy it or regret it man!

    So much flavour in each dish do you really wanna pass dat jerkin feeling up?

  2.  Can't Let go of Pad (typing is very difficult)


    Just kidding but what an Awesome game, I mean Call of Duty 3 was great but even that would look up in awe of this absolute beauty of a shooter! From the first mission as you step into the training mission as 'Soap' McTavish you become aware of just how difficult this game is going to be I was recommended regular so i chose hard and it was brilliant two bullets and you are dead! Then i found the Online mode Boom the game exploded with further brilliance all i can say is R.I.P Medal of Honour or join with CoD to make an even more superior game!
    This game was total class through and through.

  3.  Average to Amazing


    Gameplay is Average Graphics amazing

    Gameplay 6/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Playability 6/10
    Fun 7/10
    Online 4/10
    ok so not a 5star game but pretty good still!

  4.  Missing 1 star


    Why is this missing that ever present star from past Final Fantasy games?
    Well gameplay is great (when you get used to it being so different), Game speed is good and story line is a bit Jumpy but all good so far.....

    I have racked up 75 hours of gameplay so far with storyline and just checking out areas i was getting killed in before tracing back where ive found good items etc!

    So why am i only giving it 4 stars well simply it does not have any level limiting parts Bar 1 that someone in Jahara gives. and a lack of save crystals. I walked Out of Rabanastre (where you begin) and went too far in seconds dead tried escaping but was chased to the entrance to the previous map area and killed just before those floating dots, I am only lvl 55 now which means yes you can surpass that but its all about how good you are at the game I am doing very well but have struggled to level up the manual says i should be 10 levels higher than i am!

    All in all lack of escape routes coupled with both lack of save crystals and levelling opportunities!

  5.  does it work?


    Who knows if it is working really, i only say this as ive owned many different ones and this is no different i dont believe they do work!