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  1. Emma



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     Very likeable


    This is a lovely little gem of a movie. Emma is one of my favourite Jane Austen characters and Gwyneth P is excellent in the title role. As is Jeremy Northham as Knightley. Some of the supporting cast I do feel let the movie down though. Both Ewan McGregor and Toni Collette are woefully miscast. Still a nice way to spend time on a Sunday afternoon

  2.  Simply the best (version)


    I am a huge P&P freak, having seen all the versions of the beloved book and this is without doubt the best one! Much is made of Colin Firth's Darcy and he is excellent, so excellent that poor Colin has never managed to escape him! But high praise must also go to Jennifer Ehle, my favourite ever Elizabeth. I know she has had a flouishing theatre career but I can't understand why we don't see more of her on the big or small screen. The entire supporting cast are all pitch perfect. special mention of course to Alison Steadman and Ben Whitrow as Mr and Mrs Bennett and Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Lady Catherine. Buy this and watch it again and again and again .......

  3.  good enough


    P & P is my favourite book and I think that Joe Wright has made a decent job of it. The cinematography was very good and also the whole atmosphere of the era. Matthew M was fine as Darcy, playing him just a little too shy and insecure though. Keira K however is not a great Elizabeth and I'm sure there are many more talented young actresses out there who despair that she always gets the plum roles! She seems to play Elizabeth like a giggly teenager. (Wright finally gets a decent performance out of her in Atonement). Well worth watching for Austen fans but most will return to the beloved BBC Colin F/Jennifer E version for their regular dose of Darcy.

  4.  Stunning


    I was very unsure of this movie when I was pursuaded to go to see it but it is absolutely stunning. The costumes / locations / cinematography were amazing. All the actors were excellent. I expected James M to be and wasn't disappointed. Even Keira K (who usually bugs the hell out of me with her ridiculous pouting) didn't let the side down. In particular the 3 actresses who played Briony were just perfect. Most critics have pointed towards the youngest one but I thought Vanessa Redgrave was a stand out. She is on screen for just a few minutes but completely took my breath away. It wasn't until the very end of the movie that I realised just how good it had been.

  5.  Spectacular! spectacular!


    This is such a wonderful movie - the best musical to come out of Hollywood in years and it was cruelly ignored at the Oscars. McGregor has a great voice and sings with such enthusiasm, and whilst Kidman's voice is not as powerful her performace as the tragic Satine is one the best female performances for years! I've seen this now 100 times and I still need my hanky every time. Get the soundtracks (1 & 2) aswell - just to complete the magic!

  6.  Just wonderful!


    I am a huge fan of ALW's Phantom, having fallen in love with it after watching the london stage show. Obviously movies are different creations but this film works just as well as the show in it's own way. The performances are superb - especially some of the supporting cast such as Miranda Richardson, Simon Callow and Ciaran Hinds, and the sets and costumes are exquisite. But it is definitely Gerard Butler's phantom that steals the show for me. I know his voice came into for some criticism when the film was first released but I love it. I would go so far as to say that his version of Music of the Night is my favourite ever (including Michael Crawford).

    The box set is fantastic for the price - with a couple of good documentaries - one about the film and a really interesting one about the creation of the original show - and the CD soundtrack - which is permanently on my car stereo.

    My favourite show ever made into one of my favourite films ever!

  7.  It just keeps getting better!


    Just when you think it can't get any better - it does!
    The Pine Barrens episode is one of my favourites ever.
    The acting - from the main characters to the supporting cast - is truely amazing.

  8.  Simply the best!


    This is simply the best programme ever to grace TV.
    The writing and acting is second to none.
    Start at series 1 and get them all - you won't regret it!