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    dont listen to that other guy he blatently not even seen the film or he just hates pierce brosnen, die another die is definatly in the top 3 bond films ever, personally i think casino royal is number 1 and i place this as my second favorite. the stunts and effects are amazing and the story line is in depth and amazing. pierce brosnen also plays bond the best of all of the actors previously, really recormend it

  2.  disapointed be ware


    i normally like x box in the past but i bourght the 360 4 months ago and i have has to take it back 3 times. the games are good but the reliability is poor. myn keps crashing every 4 - 5 hours. and the battery on the controller is useless, it last around 8 hours.

    over all its ok wen it works but francly its not gona

    p.s i have many friends that after a year they have also had problams with the x box 360 but could not take back as the waranty ran out

    so if your getting the console but extra waranty !!!!!



    GREAT GAME! i personally like the onling play rather than the single player but that is just matter of opinion. i really recormend having the internet tho because the single player will only take u about 10 hours to complet. the multiplayer is probably the best multiplayer game i have ever been on, they keep adding new maps and game modes all the time so ure buying a game that changes. i love wat they have done with perks because u can change ure weps/health/extras to suit ure style, u can hav upto 3 perks at onece with things like ..... deeper bullet penatration and frop a granade when you die and pull out ure pistiol when u die. etc theres more than 30 of these. MUST BUY if u hav the internt . recormend buying if not !!! ps .. PLAY.com hav never let me down yet , iv orded over 100 items from the , definitly the place to go if u gona buy it !!!

  4.  Amazing


    I bourght this like 6 weeks ago ...

    just say i seriousely think this is the best graphics i have seen for any wii game. gmaeplay is in depth and interesting and what makes the game so amazing is ...
    you have the main game to complete then u have what ada does ( leon's Rival but eventually m8) then ada's missions and then missionarys.

    this game will keep u going for ages. once u complete it u unlock stuff and each time u complete it on a harder settign u unlock more stuff.

    graphics : 10 / 10
    gameplay : 9 / 10
    physics : 7 / 10 ( some bits are un balivable but thts the idear )
    ada's : 8 /10
    ada's missions : 7 / 10
    missionarys : 10 / 10 ( but really hard )
    game length ....

    main game : 20 - 30 hours ( easy )
    main game : 30 - 40 hours ( med )
    main game : 40 - 50 hours ( hard )
    ada's game : 8 - 10 hours
    ada's challange : 5 - 6 hours
    missionarys : 1 hour per person per level ( 4 levels 7 people )
    complete everything : 80 hours - 90 hours

    MUST GET GAME trust me you will not regret it

  5.  Really good


    Great game , i have only had this game for about 2 weeks and im still playing it and hooked. The graphics are really good and crisp theve gone a little cartooney but that makes the graphics look better. there are 50 great minigames some are amazing 3d game that could be sold on there own ware as otheres are 2d internet games. there all fun and even if u get bored of the main game youl still love the mini games. the coaster building is great. i would of likes for rides though. great game worth the money. you can also unlco klots of pricers ( i think theres 46 but not sure )

    Graphics : 9/10
    Gameplay : 7/10 ( can get a bit repetative )
    mini games : 10/10
    phisics : 8 / 10 ( good coaster physics apart from the G, i made a 16 g ride and people still survived )
    Game length : complete to bronze : 10 - 15 hours
    complete to silver : 15 - 20 hours
    complete to gold : 25 - 30 hours
    Total complete with gold and unlocked all prizers etc : 50 hours +

    Great Game try it

  6.  Must buy


    not going to go into much detail as there is soo much in the game , but simply u own a town and u got to make it great. sound boring ??? well it really isn't. every day there are different things going on in the town, and if its monday 15th july in real life, thats what its like in the game, so it hot sunny ect. i no this sound miner but there is weather in the game ( most games dont have ) the online feature isnt great unless u hav lots of friends with this game.

    Great game .... wont get bored of it for at least a year as something different happens on all 365 days of the year. from fishing tourneys to christmas. --- somin i forgot to mension .. you can make up to four seperate saves on a game and you can see the other three people in your house. ( all saves are in the same town but different people ) ok i know i sed this was a short review but there is just soooo much to say. like .... you can .... : fish, catch bugs , pcik fruit, buy stuff, upgrade ure house and add like over 500 different types of furniture, take part in comportitions , make clothing , hats nd umbrellers , talk to people, plant trees , and flowers , do missions for people , earn money buy sellign stuff , go on treasure hunts , send letters to people and read the ones they send back ... MUST GET . soo much to do

  7.  Boring


    I must say the graphics are amazing, the voices are realistic , and the game matches the book completely , however i must say the gameplay is very very very boring. you find yourself just talking to a teacher, getting a mission and following the footsteps on the ground wich shows you exactly were to go. this is basicly all you do in the hole game. theres lots of things to do and explore but yet againg this is quite boring. older people might enjoy it more as my parents did but i really dont think any one under the age of 30 with enjoy this as it is just to slow.

  8.  ACE


    I have only given it a 1 because ... it was not worth all the hype i was expenting something spectacular and to be honest its not there ... yes it amazing but after all the people at school bugging me going ( halo 3 is the best game in the world u no ) i was masivly let down :(

  9.  ow dear


    i am havign exactly the same problems as i had with the original - it keeps crashing and iv had to take it back once already- AND ITS MOE Xpensive - to be honest you might as well get the original version

  10.  WOW and its online !!!!


    WOW. wat a game.... at first i refused to get it as the graphics looked bad and it looked really stupid. but i had some cash to spend so i reluctantly bourght it. and wow that was the best thing i have done in my life. the graphics are great but there isnt alot there to be honest. the controller controls are spot on. and onliene is a must. u will complete the single player in a night. but the hole idear of the game is online. every weeks the scores get set to zero and every week me and my friend see who can get the most points by the end of the week . MUST BUY - please note this isnt just an ordenary football game so if u dont like footbALL DONT BE PUT OFF it more like rugby football with special power ups aded in. GREAT GAME 10/10