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  1.  Assassins


    Great game and graphics, but lots of pop ups and disappearing people, horses etc. however it's great to have a totally different world.

  2.  class


    much better than i it looked. great game/gameplay. easy to follow, new take on ww11 gaming. massive open world like gta, climbing of assassins creed. top game........................

  3.  fair


    Good game, not massive, finished it in two hours. Online good too. Shame not bigger.

  4.  boring


    This game gets boring very quickly. Kill 3-4 people on an outpost, move miles to another to do the same. Go back and the people are back. Wonder aimlessly not knowing where you are. Vehicles sparce and dont last long. Enemies know where you are even when hidden. Shame could have been soooo much better.

  5.  not bad


    Why o why do people keep comparing games to cod 4, it is not that good.
    Most games are nothing like cod4 like this 1 for instance. This game is good fun game , not like the realistic gta4. Saints has a lot of glitches. A good game for the £17.99 but still second best to gta4.

  6.  shame


    I thought this would be fantastic, alas walked through it in 3 1/2 hrs. Totaly on rails and so short and easy. Slightly better graphics. Not as good as cod 4, but then i dont know why everyone compares games to that as its not the best. Think hard b4 buying, rent first

  7.  badbadbad


    waited a while 4 this only to find bad graphics, glitchy, and short. back to assassins again till somat else comes out

  8.  awesome game but!!


    this is a great game but completed it in less than 12 hours. graphics quite good. not as good or as open play as i thought it would be after all the hype. well worth playing but i will trade it for assasins creed.

  9.  tooooooooo short


    great game, but finished the main game in two days. for a last ever game you would have thought that there would be a bit more to it.

  10.  total letdown


    this was a long awaited game. shame it was a letdown all round. dated graphics and gameplay. no matter where you are; in a room, behind a wall or on a roof every german new where you were. + the fact i completed the game in two days and you cant yet get online due to the ea server. total disapointment. :o((