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  1.  Incredible


    this film is like a peice of preformance art, it's just amazing. people could learn alot from this movie..unfortunalty people these days prefere to laugh at someone's dreams than to listen to them...it's been a box office flop, but in years to come people will look back on this film as a cultural icon.

  2.  Let Down


    i thought these would be awesome but theyve let me down to be honest, cannot fault the sound quality it superb, its just that you can hear the wire rubbing, it's weird how some headfones do this, but if youre walking with these in, you can hear rubbing really loudly. also they fall out my ears quite easily, if i push them further into my earhole, the lumpy driver bit sticks in my ear and is irritating. i expected more from sony for (pounds)30

  3.  yeah it's alright


    It's an ipod, no point reviewing it really, everyone already knows what it does. Definatly get a case for it. Also get some nice earphones cuz the earphones you get with this ipod (and all ipods probably) are rubbish, they're not even really worth kepping for emergancy earphones, so they may as well go in the bin. Also when you put audiobooks and podcast on it, you cant put them in a specific order, only alphabetical, which is true of all ipods i think and is annoying. Uhhh also it says battery life is 24 hours audio, 5 hours video, that is complete rewbarb, id say 5-6 hours of audio not 24, but then agen that may be because i have the pedometer thing on all day too. But no way would it last for 5 hours of video, apple should get sued for like trades discription, but no-one is brave enough to stand up to them. Also you don't get a charger, which is quite annoying, cuz it means if you go on holiday you have to take a computer with you, in order to charge it from the usb thing. Or spend like 25quid on a charger. Or maybe buy a little portable dock fing that also charges, also the external speaker on this thing isnt great, so a dock might be quite usefull. Uhh in like 4-5 months they'll proably bring out a 6thgen so... Ummm yeh... It's an ipod... It's the best mp3 player available today, in a years time it'll be forgotten about. It could be better, maybe if apple had some serious competition from other companys it would be better, but at the moment the ipod is miles ahead of all the other mp3s without even really trying. Imagine how good an ipod could be if apple were really pushed to make somthing great. It's the only half decent mp3 on the market really, and it does what its supposed to, plays music, lets you listen to the radio, and films pretty good videos, and it looks pretty sexay too. Soo.. Yeh ... If you need an mp3 player, you'll might as well get an ipod, cus nothing else is as good, and it's alright.

  4.  Weak


    i brought these exact same headfones from play.com about a year ago, and they were brilliant, when they broke from general wear and tear, i brought the exact same ones from play.com again. this time they were useless, they look the same as the original pair i brought, but the sound quality is terrible, it's really flat and weak with no bass.

  5.  Rubbish


    Don't even bother with these things, they're complete rubbish, if you've got a relitivly decent phone the speaker on it will already be better and louder than these things. also £6 odd seems like a bit of a bargain, but bear in mind you will be shelling out for batterys, as it runs out of juice very fast.

  6.  Brilliant


    Extras is easily as good as the office. this box set is awesome £30 is a bit steep, i got mine for £20, somewhere else and it was totaly worth every penny. if youve got £30 get it thou, cus it is worth it. ricky gervias is a genius.

  7.  Brilliant


    the office is the best TV show of all time, you should definatly get this box set, £15 is an absolute bargain, some nice extra features too.

  8.  Very handy


    if you use your PS3 for DVDs and blu rays, you should get one of these, it makes it so much easier to navigate through menus and stuff. and also the normal conrolter turns off after 10minuets of inactivity which is annoying (i know you can disable it from turning off, but if i did that i'd forget to undisable it and the charge would go flat all the time) so yeh get one of these it really is very handy.

  9.  Great bundle


    got this bundle just before Xmas, and it was £300 then. which is an incredible price for what you get.

    PS3 is amazing, gameplay is sweet, graphics are too, online play is free and awesome, the internet browser is mint too, only downside is that there is no PS2 compatiblity on the 80GB model.

    GTAIV is my favorite game ever. missions are pretty rubbish tbh, but everything else about it is absolutly amazing

    LBP is an incrediable game too, will keep you playing for hours non stop. the story more and online leves are great, creating your own level is quite difficult but very rewarding, when people play it online.

    300 on blu-ray is a brilliant film, which looks stuinning in blueray.

    the bluray remote control is also fantastic, it makes it so much easier to watch films, as the normal controller turns off after 10minuets of inactivity. very very handy.

    overall £300 for all this, is incredible. it really is the best deal ive ever seen. everything about it is amazing.

  10.  Brilliant


    Ps3 is amazing, yeh it is a ridiculous amount of money, but it's worth it, assuming it lasts a few years. very annoying to me that it does not have PS2 compatibilty (only the 60GB one does), i really like the PS2 and i can't understand why they have failed to include compatililbty. another annoying thing is that you cant play music from the HD during a game. other than that the gameplay is amazing, the wireless dualshock3 controller is awesome. the internet browser is also really handy and kewl. the online features and online gameplay are also amazing (free onlnine play is sweeet) the trophies are brilliant too. if youve got $300 to burn you should buy one, cus you wont be dissapointed.