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  1.  A year on and still going strong


    almost a year on the dev's for this game are still bringing out epansion packs and im still playing it ive spent a good 60 hours on it so far and ui havnet yet completed it this game has alot to offer especially for 25.99

    also i may add the expansions really are as good as they are made out

  2.  just got the demo and...


    ...it gave me an orgasm!! seriosuly this will be great! you can just drive for ever probaly one of the biggest maps ive ever seen! graphics are just wow sounds is amazing and online play is just awsome

  3.  just buy it


    5 stars u do actually get allot of bang for you buck!!
    the 360 cost just as much when u get the same the ps3 can offer and it cost just as much and the ps3 has stuff the 360 cannot offer like the cell processors built in wifi free on line play and really cool thing i like u can recharge the controllers form the ps3 which the 360 crnt u have to buy batteries!

  4.  ABSOULTLY AMAZING! made a big lad CRY!


    this was a fantastic prezzie for me i loved it we played it on Christmas day i was the first to take up the challenge against my sisters boy friend and hes a big rugby lad in the TA aswell hes pretty much bigger than my dad we started with big grins on our faces dreading what was going to happen but we were grinning about what we were gonna do to each other! he got the first hit he jumped out of his skin! i did the same a second later we were playing for 10 minutes sweating like pigs and laughing in tears my mum and dad were absolutely wetting them selfs just watching us! my sisters but friend forfeited we had a great laugh a day to remember they are great for a gift to "him"