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  1.  Maps too big


    The game is spoilt by the maps being way too big, every map you just get picked off by snipers or campers. No doubt a map pack will come out with smaller maps but it would have been nice to have a little variation in the map sizes rather than all of them being huge. Other than that its a good game.

  2.  Cod 4 still rules


    I only play online so i can't comment on campaign or zombies, here goes.
    the negatives are..
    1. online keeps freezing and no its not my connection, i have the virgin super hub 100meg speed.
    2. stabbing is appauling, you miss more than you hit, never happened to me on any other cod.
    3. weapons still dont sound right just like on black ops 1.
    the positives are
    1. maps are good
    2. killstreaks are good
    3. they have tried to make it more difficult for campers by unlocking uav jammer at level 55 and even when it is used you can be seen if you are camping so you must be moving about. great idea, i hate campers lol.
    over all its a good game spoilt by the few probs i stated above but if you are a cod fan you should buy it and see for youself.

  3.  Not as good as 300


    If you enjoyed 300 then you will enjoy this, could have done with a few more fight scenes but it is still very good.

  4.  very good


    no way is this a poor game, yes there is lag and connection probs but that has been so with all the cod games when they first came out.
    buy it you will not be disapointed.

  5.  Could have been better.


    I was a little dissapointed with this film but maybe my expectation were too high, Independance day is still the No 1 invasion film but if you have'nt seen battle LA it's definatly worth a watch.

  6.  A knockout!!!!!!!


    By far the best boxing game of all time, excellent graphics and gameplay, can be a little frustrating when you are beating the cr#p out of your opponent then he knocks you clean out but hey thats boxing for you, only given 4 stars due to review being based on the demo but no doubt the full game will get 5 stars.

  7.  Very good


    I love a good action movie and this did'nt disappoint, action all the way through and as usual Carlyle is brill, hope they make T2

  8.  Could be better


    The game is spoilt by lack of 1080 res and what seems to be a poor frame rate, Better than the other NFS games but no match for GT5.

  9.  DO NOT BUY!!!!!!


    How anyone can give this film 5 stars is a mystery to me, Terrible acting, Rubbish story and Vinnie Jones trying to be american.
    Avoid at all cost. You've been warned.......