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  1.  Ace Combat but for Apache's


    going by the demo i loved it, it brings back the days of desert strike but in next gen graphics. feels and looks gr8 its a buy for me and a GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA

  2.  awwwwwwwww


    Ok ok yes its dam cute. But there is sooo much you can do and seeing the pet react to everything and making it do things is very impressive, such as drawings, make 3d cars planes and robots, playing with the vr toys and even styling the pet.. It really is like playing with a real pet but only in your tv, my friends real dog even like watching lol.



    A gr8 film, but if you a real fan the us directors cut from playusa is a must buy, why, cos it is region free and will work in the ps3.

  4.  bad, sooo bad


    very bad, so glitchy and buggy im shocked to find how this managed to be released. walkin along and out of no where, my troops vanish like a fart in the air 'unit lost she crys', walkin along with a load of troops to fight one simple troop, PING troops gone again 'unit lost, she crys AGAIN' troops bonce around on the ground, cant make up there mind if they want to shoot or just stand there after u told them to move. wipe system is good until u have lots of troops to command. rental at best

  5.  Not worth it...


    I now have the game and i can say it is Shocking. The graphics have a slight next gen look but covered with flat textures and screen tearing and slowdowns from time to time. Also the graphics have a slight over bright look to them like there is a huge halo beam over things. The so called Damage is a joke why have damage in a racing sim if its only cosmetic. The sound is good apart from when you hit a car or grind the car. I would hold off from this game and buy Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for know until the full game comes out next year. Because by no means this is not a Gran Turismo killer.

  6.  HUH


    got the game, played the game, took back the game all in under 30mins. this game was over b4 it started, each level lasts like 30sec, no joke. the action is gr8 then the mission is done b4 it even got going and you are left with a sad looking face. now do this over and over for every mission, it gets boring. online is even more boring its over b4 it even started and split screen is a joke its more like playin in a 1/4 of a screen the rest of the screen is taken up with a poinless black border, WHY, you tell me. the graphics could be so much better as well, this game just feels rushed. save your cash.