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  1.  3D Review - Spoilers


    A very enjoyable film, which is sadly marred by mediocre 3D.

    Similar to Thor, the 3D is more of an after thought and created post-production. Although it works better for the Captain it's not the best 3D presentation. There are some truly lovely scenes, the snow covered, train scene is wonderful and watching the characters zipline into the distance is excellent as are the final set of scenes which build to the final showdown. But, sadly, a few scenes suffer from lack of depth, the Hydra factory feels flat and on a few occasions I wasn't sure if I was watching a 3D film.

    People do "pop" out of the screen, usually after receiving a healthy dose of vibranium to the face, which always raises a smile.

    All in all it's a fun 3D film with some good set pieces, but overall poor use of depth makes it fall short of being a must-have.

  2.  Gimmicky 3D - Spoilers


    A fine example of jumping on the 3D bandwagon, but what do you expect from a studio that decided to turn the final book (which is shorter than the first) into two films.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the film but the 3D is pretty pointless. Most of the film feels flat, especially darker scenes of which there are many. A few good sections use the technology well, such as the "roller coaster" ride through Gringotts, the following escape on a dragon and some views of Voldemorts' army, but these are few and far between. On the plus side the 3D in part two is better than in part one, but that's not saying much.

  3.  Excellent 3D


    A charming story for all ages and one of the finest examples of 3D entertainment to date with no loss of detail or colour from the 2D version.

    An excellent mix of depth and scale is used throughout the film, putting you in the middle of the action. A few scenes have things coming out of the screen, which work wonderfully, although a particular moment in the "lantern" scene caused ghosting and blurring as two lanterns came further out of the screen (you might want to sit back or adjust the 3D depth on your TV to get the most out of it). But this is a minor issue in an otherwise flawless transfer. Viewed on an LG LM42620T using passive 3D.

  4.  Surprisingly Good


    Not being a big 50 cent fan (pretty much not a fan at all) I didn't hold out much hope for this one. But it's actually surprisingly fun! Once you go into the options and set the music to instrumental that is!

    Army of Two was a total let down and very slow where as this is pure mindless arcade action, smashing crates sends bling flying everywhere before being magnetically pulled towards your character (must be a rapper trick), scores flying up all over the place and you are able to string kills into combos similar to The Club.

    The voice acting is terrible as is the plot but then again, it's no worse than say, Commando, which is an awesome, mindless, action film.

    The achievements are easy enough to get and it's not too difficult playing through on hard first time, especially with a second person online (no spilt screen).

    It's certainly not worth £40 but is a lot of fun with a friend or fellow G. So when the price drops (or you rent it) get out there and bust some caps!

  5.  Zombie-tastic


    Davina McCall and a bunch of real-life Big Brother contestants (read "morons") have cameo's and get killed. Buy this and have a glimpse of a perfect world.

  6.  Play the games instead


    It's hard to understand how a film based on a fine collection of games, each with strong lead characters and an interweaving storyline that carries on from different perspectives can be so bad and get things so wrong! This third installment is a waste of time. I rented it and felt like I had been ripped off. It drifts further away from the game/real storyline and almost slips into a (bad) Mad Max spoof. So many things are wrong with this film, the T-Virus has infected the planet and dried up all the oceans (I couldn't work out how either), hillbillies have captured several zombie dogs who they feed people to and the remaining survivors still prefer to hide it if they have been bitten. Casting Ali Larter as Claire Redfield is terrible as is casting some chubby funster as Wesker, it's an insult to the highly enjoyable Resident Evil games as is throwing in female 'rapper' Ashanti. I could go on about the awful things in this film but there isn't enough space in the review. In short, this disgraceful franchise (of films, not the games), much like a zombie, should've died the first time but somehow keeps coming back for more

  7.  Bargain & Bin


    I've looked forward to this game for over a year, the marketplace video's paint this as a dark, gritty, story-driven action game. Unfortunately the video's (and now the adverts) are extremely misleading as they have more story building than the actual game. The graphics and controls are the same as Hitman, which was pretty much a launch title on the 360, but as this is an action game the slow paced controls don't work well against a fast moving SWAT team. The only saving grace is the two player co-op, unfortunately this is flawed by only having a vertical split down the centre option rather than the preferred horizontal split, this restricts your view considerably. There are some good features (Lynch going mad and seeing civilians as police) and the levels are fun if you can get passed the many flaws, the characters could have been far more interesting had their back stories been executed in a better manor but on the whole this title is not worthy of purchasing at full price, £20 max.

  8.  Worth every penny


    I'm three hours into this game and am still running around completing side quests on the first space station, which is made more impressive when the campaign modes of Halo 3, COD4, Assassin's Creed and Kane & Lynch can be completed in approximately 5 hours each. A must buy for fans of RPG's and Knights of the Old Republic, plenty of care has gone into Mass Effects creation and it shows in every aspect. Sculpting your main character is a joy, changing everything from history to armour helps you connect to the character and makes your team feel like YOUR team. Minor issues with texture loading is my only complaint, but not enough to spoil enjoyment of this space adventure

  9.  Welcome to Rapture


    I was sceptical about this game thanks to the Microsoft hype machine going into overdrive to ram it down people's throats. With no multiplayer this probably won't appeal to many but it is an excellent game. The graphics and, in particular, the water effects are superb and the story takes you in. The introduction of Diaries instead of cut scenes keeps the action going at a steady pace. My main gripe however is after completing the game I haven't felt the need to play it through again as some parts felt like a struggle rather than a joy to play.

  10. Skate


    Xbox 360

    4 New from  £14.77  Free delivery

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     The Gran Turismo of Skateboarding


    As a big fan of Tony Hawk games this took some getting used to. Controlling with just the analogue sticks instead of button mashing is tricky but, as with Fight Night Round 3, ultimately more rewarding and gives a sense of realism. The tricks and jumps are firmly based in reality and, as such, don't necessarily have the wow factor of grinding telephone lines for 200m as in Tony Hawk, but there is something strangely satisfying about landing a Lazer Nollie from a grind while being chased by security. Overall this does well to show how stale the Tony Hawk games have become and brings some nice additions to a genre that has steadily gone downhill. A definite must for the 360!