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    I bought this game about two weeks ago and i bought it without the microphone because i already had boogie micraphone and guitar hero mic , so i didnt need anymore and thoose mics both work finefor anyone who wants to know.
    I always really loved singstar so i really wanted to get this to see if it was as good , and i think that it is just as good as singsttar if not better , my favourite thing that this has which the singstars dont is the 'your on your own' bits where you sing along to the song but the words and the scores dont appear on the screen it just shows you the video and then tells you how you scored at the end. Another good thing are the singing lesson things but there only really short but a nice little extra.
    I like hannah montana , high school musical and camp rock , and of course if you dont then theres no point buying this game because you wont like it.
    Overall its a really fun game and would recomend it if you like hannah montana or high school musical and if you liked the singstar games on playstation.

  2.  Fun for everyone


    A great game for all the family, lots of questions in different catagories like food and drink, music, TV & Film, world, UK etc..
    As you set your ages, questions are geared at all different age groups so anyone can win.
    Great entertainment for everyone

  3.  Amazing Game Even Better Than Cooking Mama !!


    I bought this game yesterday and i had really high expectations for it because of the previous reviews i have read online and in magazines and i wasnt disserpointed i really love this game it is alot of fun and theres alot to do.
    You start off doing some training at a burger place you'll be given a list with the ingredients on and then you have to cook it as it tells you to, you then go on to open up your own fast food place where you can now make 20 different meals in that resterant ( you will have to buy some so you wont have 20 when you first start out there) you can also buy spices from the famers market which make your customers give you better tips if you use the spices correctly.
    With the money you make you can buy things like... new meals to cook, better equipment for the kitchen, assistant chefs to help you out, and things like clean up the kitchen oh and also you can buy spices but there very cheap anyways.

    I thought that the game was kind of a mix between Diner Dash and Cooking Mama(both these games i enjoy) because you have to make sure that the customers are happy and that they arnt waiting to long ( like you would on diner dash ) and then of course you have to cook the food ( like you would on cooking mama) but i think that Order Up ! is better than both of them because it seems to have more of a story to it.

    While playing the main game you will come across some mini games like the health inspector will come in and you will have to clean the dishes and then sometimes you have to flick the rats away from the cooking area and then help the paper boy and things like that these are quite fun there not great but they just give it that little bit more.

    The graphics of the game arn't very good but it doesn't really matter because its really great.

    Overall i give this game 5/5 i really love it :D

  4.  I Love This Game ! Loads Of Fun.


    I've spent so much time playing this its so fun not like any other rayman game before.This is a collection of mini games theres 4 on each level you have to do 3 out of the 4 to open this big door to do a bigger(longer) type of mini game to complete that level. My favourite of the mini games is the dancing one and i'm really happy that theres not just one dancing ones that theres alot, because i really enjoy them :D. The reason i gave this 4 out of 5 is just because sometimes ive found the controls to not respond as well as i would have liked and i know its only a small thing but for some reason it just kind of bugged me abit in this game.Overall though its great and i'll probally get the 2nd and 3rd (When its out) after playing and enjoying this one so much. :D

  5.  Fun Sometimes.


    To be honist i havn't played this game alot, and that's not because i don't like it it's just because i have other games to play which i like better. Now if you've played singstar on the Playstation 2 or 3 then the singing part of this isn't as good as that but its still pretty good and you can enjoy it. The dancing part i still havn't decided if i like the dancing part so much yet, i kind of feel you don't do much in it. The video making part yeah its pretty fun a couple of times. The best fun i had with this game is with my cousin she has it on Playstation 2 and she came around and we had alot of fun and laughs playing this and it was great because she plays it on PS2 alot more than ive played mine so she showed me some stuff and we just had a laugh singing, so its much more fun with friends or family i would say. Oh also the track listing is quite good for having fun with friends and partys and stuff :). Over all i give it 3.8 stars out of 5 :)

  6.  Amazing


    Really relaxing and fun too , it has some really nice music in also and even if you dont like the music you can put your own music on to it to swim to , you can train your own dolphin take people on guided tours around the ocean and much more. Has amazing graphics that make it look really beautiful and relistic.
    5/5 Love it !

  7.  Much better than catz 1 !


    If you've bought catz one and thought it was rubbish as i did don;t think this one is rubbish too just because the first one was this one is much better and much more fun.
    You can do alot more stuff the best part is earning ribbons and medles by doing little challenges like ''take a photo of your cat alseep'' and the more you do the harder it gets. You can also unlock all different rooms as you get further into the game and different types of playrooms like ocene playroom and jungle playroom for exsample. You can also unlock clothes and more toys for your kitten as you get more ribbons.

    4/5 , 100 times better than 'catz'

  8. Catz


    Nintendo DS

    2 New from  £11.84  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.14

     Boringg !


    I wouldnt recomend this to anybody i got bored after 5 minuets , BUT don't let this rubbish put you off catz 2. Catz 2 is much better and much more fun and you can spend hours playing that because theres challenges and stuff like that that you can do its much much better. So for just abit more money buy Catz 2.

  9.  So Much Fun !!


    I Lovee This Gamee, its just so much fun and you can play it for hours and hours its just excellent ! i would defenalty recomend it to anyone !
    5/5 So Great !!!

  10.  Great !!


    I Love this game its almost just as good as the one on the wii , but this one has alot more content in it and more recipies and more stuff to unlock and its really fun ive unlocked all the recipes but still havnnt completed it, love this game great fun 5/5 !!