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  1.  Simply the best TNG movie!


    Not only do we get the Borg (best TNG villains ever - they tidy Earth's coastlines up a treat!) but also stunning performances from ALL the cast, and best of all Patrick Stewart does a slow strip down to his vest during the finale (and don't tell me that wasn't carefully planned!) and we get to see how fit an older man can be. Oh, yeah: the plot's quite good too!

  2.  The worst in the Next Gen family


    I'd always liked the TNG eps I caught on terrestrial, and life-long sci-fi fan, so I recently treated myself to TNG series 1 - 7 in order, and all the movies.

    I watched most of them in order too (I'd already seen Nemesis in 2006) but due to sheer forgetfulness picked this up last - and, it's dire! What a let down.

    For a start, the plot makes NO sense - I'll try not to spoilerise, but there's a massive inconsistancy about the capabilities of the Nexus, which calls the antagonist's initial motivations into question, in ways I won't describe here (but if you watch it, you'll probably see what I mean).

    Also, Data's just brought into ridicicule, and in fact contradicts stuff we've seen him handle fine in the TV series, while the other characters of what's a deservedly famous ensemble get kind of shoved onto the dumpster during the most critical plot developments - aw, it's just ghastly. And whoever wrote it, REALLY had a hate on for James T Kirk...

    If you want a sound TNG movie, the excellent First Contact and Nemesis are the ones to watch, because they add to and build upon the characters and plots from seven seasons of excellent TV. This movie simply can't hold a candle to either of those feature films.

    It's just like the scrapings from the plot's shoes, of both TOC and TNG. Glad I saw it, the scene in stellar cartography is worthwhile, but the rest? Nah, it's like bad fanfic, in that it's unevenly paced and totally inconsistent - it's as though it was written by someone who doesn't understand either the universe, or the people within it.

    If you're able to avoid anything TNG (and I sadly wasn't) this is the one to skip - you won't really lose out in terms of long-term plot or character arcs, and you'll spare yourself some of the scenes that I think harm the strongest characters this series is based upon.

  3.  Interesting, and better by the week!


    In contrast to the first review, I'd never liked James Nesbitt before: in fact I found him extremely annoying in those twee adverts, but this series, which I only entertained at all because of Steven Moffat, is getting better by the week.

    The first week confused me, I confess, because I was expecting a straight modern take on the old Jekyll and Hyde series, and instead I was plunged head first into the hideous world of a man living with his own dark side and using every means at his disposal, from CCTV to hiring a new PA, to deal with that.

    But after that intial discord this series has so far delivered so much more than my mistaken belief could have done - and it all starts to come clear in ep 4, aired just before I typed this.

    I love the La Femme Nikita(tv series)-esque stylings, and the "Are you my daddy?" question in ep 4 made me howl - echoing Moffat's Hugo Award winning "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" episodes from season one of the new Dr Who.

    But this isn't just one for geeks - if you've ever been alarmed by your own dark side, or woken up after one too many wondering what the heck possessed you the night before, this series will strike a chord. Genius.