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  1.  Bargain


    Please note this card is not compatible with the Motorola Defy running 2.2, you will get lock ups etc. This is not a fault of the card though its Android 2.2 apparently

    Mine came in PNY retail packaging with an adaptor. in a Motorola Defy using SD Tools the speeds are:

    Write Speed: 9.8MB/s
    Read Speeds: 25.8MB/s

  2.  Excellent


    This bad boys sound stunning, the bass is deep and round and the trebles are crisp. They are supremely comfortable and do not budge when shoved in, the oval shaped tips seems not to be just there as a gimmick, it really works. They isolate exterior noise very well indeed but you have to remember as with all inner ear buds any cable noise will be transmitted directly in to your lugs.

    These really are worth the RRP but at a snitch under 18 quid they are a bargain.

  3.  Great Wireless Card


    Bought this when it was under 18 quid and to be fair i would be just as happy paying what play are asking for it now.

    Ralink (the chipset manufacturers) release drivers and updates for this card much more frequently than Edimax and i find their drivers for the RT2860 chipset much more reliable.

  4.  The Prod are back


    Halleluiah brother the prodigy are back and back with a vengeance, Invaders contains elements of the previous 4 studio albums but it is much more Experience and Jilted than it is Fat of the Land and Always outnumbered. Invaders is like a refined version of the early nineties prodigy and that isn't a bad thing, that is a very, very good thing indeed, refined rave, you can't beat it.

  5.  Treyarch Strike Again.


    I feel like i should love this so much, in fact i feel like i should love it much more than COD4 but the simple fact is i don't, COD4 is far superior.

    I like the WWII guns, some of the maps are fantastic and the dogs are a laugh and a half but something is wrong with the game and i cannot really work out what it is.

    The bugs are very, very annoying thats for sure but i guess they will get patched and no more will some camper be able to hide under the map taking pot shots at you ruining it for everyone.

    I can only think it is a love hate thing and i fall in to the hate camp, it just doesnt feel or play right, maybe Infinity Ward just did such a good job with COD4 this just doesnt live up to it.

  6.  Stunning


    I have used a Sony Ericsson headset with my PS3 since day one and always been more than happy with it but this is something else. Easy as pie to pair, just connect the USB lead direct to the headset (at the back under the flap) and turn the PS3 on and thats that.

    In the PS3 chat room the voice quality to friends with the same headset is excellent indeed as it is in LBP and Resistance 2, games that use the HQ mode really shine now. In games like COD4 the quality is only ok, the connection seems more stable but the quality is nothing to write home about.

    The headset is very comfy indeed and is pretty well made, the mute button is easy to hit and a very welcome addition, the 30 seconds bleep are a gentle reminder you have mute on without becoming too irritating.

    The on screen information is a bonus and tells you everything you need to know about what the headset is up to.

    At this price it is a bargain and the PS3 world of online gaming would be much better if everyone had one, COD 4 would be less eardrum splitting thanks to the noise cancelling thats for sure.

    Overall this is an essential purchase.

  7.  A PS3 Must Have


    Bought it for use (like so many) with my PS3 and it is fantastic, much better than the Jabra my mate uses.

  8.  Excellent


    The Siesta is a smashing little clock radio alarm that sounds great with FM or DAB signals, even though the aerial is a simple wire type the radio found a high number of stations in my area which is a relatively weak signal location.

    It has an informative display that is easy to read and can be set to display a wide variety of information. As the ambient light drops the Siesta dims the display to the point of it not being intrusive but still very readable once it is dark. Only problem i can think of is if you wake up to the radio it will use the last station you listened to, to get round this just select a station off FM if it bothers you but me personally it isn't an issue.

    The unit is upgradeable via USB when DAB+ comes out in the UK and in standby it uses less than 1w so it is not only cheap to run it is reasonably future proof as well.

    The Siesta uses an external brick type power supply but it is one of the smallest i have ever seen and the end that plugs in to the radio locks in securely.

    To sum up there is not a great deal to dislike about the siesta, not only does it do what it says on the tin, it does it in style.

  9.  Looks Stunning But....(Review Revised)


    A major disappointment this game i have to say, after playing and pretty much mastering the demo off PSN i bought this thinking i was in for some top quality fun but i find the game incredibly frustrating. The AI of the other drivers may well be described by Codemasters on the DVD as realistic but i would be more inclined to describe it as a nothing more than a cheat.

    Once you get in to first place you are constantly nudged up the jaxy and sent scuttling off the track only to rejoin in last place, now i like a challenge in a game (I loved the original Wipeout and that isn't what you would call easy) but Grid never seems to reward your efforts. Unfortunately i prefer driving games from the bumper view and in Grid this is not implemented very well, the camera angle is too low and you need the reflexes of a horny Ninja as the track comes towards you are a terrifying pace with a view too low to see the corners and curves, the bumper view isn't much better either being nearly the same angle but with a big clunky bonnet in the field of view.

    I should love this game, it has looks, it has lots of variety and when you ain't getting shunted up the sphincter it is awesome but it has that terrible AI so only 3 stars from me.


    Well, Well, Well what a difference a setting makes, turning off the stability control turns (for me at least) Grid in to the highly playable superb racer i thought i was buying in the first place. Now when you get shunted you do not go flying off the track and you can shunt back and give as good as you get. Because you are no longer in fear of flying off and hitting the wall through no fault of your own all the other points i raised above now seen so trivial, yeah the game moves at an electric pace but it is funny how it is so much easier to handle when you are not thinking to simply stay on the road.

    I have upped my score to 4 stars, Grid is a stunning game but my initial disappointments prevent it from getting a 5.

  10.  A Must Buy Bargain So Long As........................


    You enjoyed the original Sega Rally arcade machine, this is pure arcade game in much the same way Virtua Tennis 3 is nothing like real tennis this is nothing like real driving, do not make the mistake of thinking you are going to get a true to life rally game or you will feel like you have lost a tenner and found a quid.