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  1.  Excellent case


    It fits the Playbook perfectly, still giving you access to the ports, cameras, and has little buttons on the outside that push through to the buttons on the Playbook itself.

    It acts as a stand & does so without any flip out flaps or anything like that.. it uses a slightly raised portion of the cover to do it & works really well.

  2.  Excellent phone


    I've had one since late December, replacing my iPhone with one of these was a hard decision but I've not regretted it. I've freed myself from the restrictive app policies that Apple enforce! The apps for Android don't number as many as the iPhone, but there are far more that are free. The quality of the apps will get better and better (games are poor compared to the iPhone).

    Call quality is decent, and I like the fact that contacts can be managed through your Google Mail account.

    Web browsing is pretty easy (has multi-touch to do pinch and zoom).. it'll be good when we get Flash support in the next few months (not due on the iPhone for a long time!), and the free sat-nav app by Google is due out soon too.

  3.  Great box - use the MyStuff TAP to get the most out of it


    TAPs are user-written applications which can be installed on the Topfield box by hooking it up to your PC with a USB cable. There are loads of TAPs out there that let you customise the box to your hearts content.. the one you should put on first is called MyStuff, and that'll transform the standard UI from something pretty horrible into something resembling a Sky+ box.. the usability goes from mediocre to pretty awesome.

    You certainly don't need to be uber techie to set this up, but it's maybe not for someone who hasn't upgraded firmware before, or can't follow instructions very well. But if you're comfortable with twiddling with tech then this box is for you.. it blows the competition (like the Humax) out of the water.

  4.  Cheap and cheerful


    For 6 quid I wasn't expecting much, and that's pretty much what I got :-) The remote is okay, but only a few of the basic buttons work on my setup. I've tried it against XBMC and MediaPortal and only get the cursor + numeric + a few other keys to work.

    Checking what is being received on the PC using an app called CheckScanCode showed that buttons (like Play and any of the media-type buttons) don't even register. I guess they're being intercepted different. That means that you can't map them up in whatever app you're using.

    It's a shame there is no driver software or anything to help map up these other buttons in any way (unless anyone knows of some s/w?).

    Other people are reporting that all buttons work, but out of the box they definitely don't for me with XBMC or Media Portal (even in HID mode). That's on Win XP SP3.

    In the end I remapped numeric keys to functions such as play, pause, etc. Not ideal, but acceptable for 6 quid.