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  1.  Fab, Fab, Fab!!!


    This game is absolutely great. The missions are good and varied from main missions to the side missions (of which there are loads!!!) and the lairs to.... well I could go on for ever. Think kiss ass Tomb Raider but much, much better. If loved Lara you'll love Ezio! Visually stunning too. Very picturesque whilst slapping a good old Borgia soldier! :)

  2.  Simply Brilliant


    This game has an exceptional storyline that can be completed in a whole manner of different ways. From 'die hard-esque' run and gun tactics to a stealthy 'Splinter Cell' elusive style. Its a great game. Graphics are first class; musical score is atmospheric and voice acting is well....ok. Speaking for myself, I can say that I enjoyed it from start to finish and is possibly one of the best in the class of 2011. I wouldn't hesitate in spending gamer pennies on it!

  3.  Quality from start to finish


    This game has to be a contender for game of the year. A Quality FPS title in a genre full of poor, over-hyped rubbish. The graphics and musical score are top notch and really do set the scene. Elements of stealth and tactical thought bring together this game with more conventional run and gun style play. It simply is a joy to play and I enjoyed it immensely. No one should think twice about buying this game! :)

  4.  Gore fest


    This game is a bit like a spoof of GOW - it is a straight out the box blast with great skill kill moves that are laugh out loud funny. The story isn't as bad as some would have you believe and the graphics are good despite little glitches every now and again. All in all a good game with more positives than negatives.

  5. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    4 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.44

     I'll make you an offer you can't refuse....


    This game is fantastic. The atmosphere is great as you are plunged into 40-50s America with your Mafia buddies. Brilliant game, great musical score. Driving is pretty realistic too so you drive a sports coupe at high speed and hit something head on... erm well.... you die! Buy it. Top game.Fab. So whad'ya say?.... you sum kinda wise guy, get da hell outta here already.

  6.  Spaghetti Western on Toast


    This game is simply awesome. The characters are great, the storyline is straight out of Clint Eastwood territory and the ending is great, in keeping with most good westerns you'll watch. There are moments in the game when you just stop and watch the sunset or starry sky...... then in order to balance the macho gunslinger vibe, you find youself running into Armadillo bank and holding it up!! Great game, Rockstar you've done it again. '...Now get on your horse and get out of my town, you filthy yella belly...' Sorry couldn't resist :)

  7.  Stop, Look, Listen and Think....


    In the face of all who say too many games are low on morality (GTA!) comes this beauty. This game brings questions, forcing you to consider the consequences. Now I'm not saying that we will all pass with flying colours but it is the first game that I paused to consider the next move. (I will probably go back through it though and do the morally wrong in the interests of completeness because of its multiple endings). Be aware though this is dark and not for kids; it should have been an 18 in my opinion. However, great 'game' and well worth your hard earned pennies. Now enough morals and back to GTA :)

  8.  Movie Hero!


    Simply put, the game does immerse you from the beginning. Its like being Indiana Jones without the whip! It is simply excellent at this, however, the downside is that it can be quite linear and at times you feel you're being led rather than discovering the story. If you liked Tomb Raider then you'll love it. If you're a GTA style gamer then you may get bored very quickly. 4/5 for me and well worth your gamer pennies. :)

  9.  Fab!!!


    Top marks Sony! Nobody should have any reservations about purchasing this great piece of kit.

  10.  I think I am Marcus Fenix.....


    This game is absolutely fantastic. Graphics are fab, arguably the gameplay is very similar through out with 'run and gun' style battles being the order of the day but do we ever get tired of seeing a baddies head taken clean of his shoulders by a high calibre sniper rifle? Well.... I thought not!!! Well worth the money, great stuff.