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  1.  Film of the Year


    This is quite simply the best film of the year so far, and the best love story I have seen in a long time. A must buy!!!

  2.  Above Average - Just


    I managed to get the Story Mode completed after a week or so and that was only playing about an hour a night. The graphics are fine and it is best do the missions in cockpit only view rather than being able to select an outside view of your plane so your view is somewhat limited. Not a bad game just a very easy one.

  3.  A Classic


    One of the best films of the 90's. This should of won the best picture oscar not Titanic

  4.  A Great Disc


    I have just received the US region free version and this film has one of the best transfers I have ever seen. The problem is it makes some of the shoody special effects (Bronto Stampede) look even worse. If this UK release is the same as the US it should include the extended cut which is 16 minutes longer than the original release version and a commentary track. The DTS sound track is also amazing especially during Kong's fight on the Empire State Building. Bad points, none of the Extras from the deluxe dvd have been carried over and its not as good as the 1933 original.

  5.  Game of the Year


    After I was disappointed by the likes of GTA IV, C.O.D 5, Saints Row 2 I was beginning to dread the release of Gears of War 2. I can happily report the game lives up to the hype. Like all good follow ups it does continue and expand the original story. A must buy for all serious X box 360 gamers.

  6.  A Good Effort


    I've had the region free blu ray version for about 3 weeks now and I have to say I am impressed thw disc boasts excellent picture and sound and some fairly decent features. As for the film itself it is by no where the worst Indy film (stand up Last Crusade). The problem the film has is it quite simple. All of the previous Indy films where shot in various countries like Spain, England, Sri Lanka and Italy to name a few and it gave the films an epic sense. This installment was shot in (yawn) LA , New Mexico and other US States so it just seemed liked a normal studio picture. The other problem is this is the first Indy film after a 19 year break so there was no way this could match the high expectations of the internet generation. Apart from that the film is still great fun to watch and is great to see Harrison Ford in the costume again.