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  1.  Would be good if it was not broken.


    This game is a great game, the visuals are excellent the multiplayer is first class and in every way Battlefield has now been better thought out and executed than its rivals.... except in one... reliability. Even with the new patch the save game 'feature' does not work. This breaks the game... and they do not seem to know how to fix it.

    leave it for six or so months and let them work out the kinks as I am a premium member that has spent 90 pounds on this broken piece of rubbish.

  2.  No one can hear you scream...


    ..when you just realised you spent nearly 40 quid on this. There are some games that you can feel that developers loved to work on. Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield 3 - even Borderlands (gearbox's previous AAA offering). Then there are some games which feel like the developers came to work did their job got their paycheck and didn't care about the things that matter. Like tension, serious screen tear, decent multiplayer and generally making the game not bad... It's like they were forced to program the game against their will.

  3.  Woaa there...


    At the current price this game looks like a bargain. Beware, it is not. it is a truly awful game based around some potentially good ideas. Problem is they're so poorly executed that it makes for one of the truly worse games to hit xbox. the controls are confusing and sluggish, the graphics are last gen and the story is poor.