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  1.  Great tee - review below a tad unfair


    This shirt is of great quality. I've bought several comic themed or joke shirts from play in the past, and this cotton is of a far superior quality. Its soft, its stylish, its a little bit worn in style, it resembles a affliction quality t-shirt more than the standard heavy starchy fruit of the loom type t-shirt comic shirts often get printed on.

    As for the colour as mentioned in the other review, it really depends on the colours of your pc screen. My shirt, is very slightly darker than the pic shown here on play.com, but it is the colour i expected it to be. Really isnt much difference here! It seems to also match the colours of the suit shown in the upcoming film trailer, which is meant to be darker and moodier and so I think the tee is a true representation.

    The size is possibly slightly out as the other reviewer said, but I wouldnt call it an entire size. I usually go for medium if i want a fitted tee, and a large if I want one a bit baggy. I got a medium in this, and it is fitted, but has a bit of give around the ribs. If you are usually on the cusp of sizes, the size down would probably be better, due to the print I think a tighter fit would suit more.

    As the other reviewer said the print on this shirt is fantastic. Its strong and bold, you can even see the "scales" on the blue and red sections, but the print is never over powering. I'm yet to wash the shirt but I don't think I have anything to fear with the quality of this shirt.

    All in all, I would recommend this shirt to any spider-man fan, any fan of the upcoming film, and anyone wanting a great geek-chiq shirt. Its a good price for top quality!

  2.  Guarenteed Game of the Year Candidate


    I was lucky enough to be able to experience the demo to this game thanks to PlayStation Plus.
    The game instantly grips from the outset. If you like fantasy, and the action genre this is one for you. At best I could say it is similar to God of War, but Hideo Kojima's expertise makes it feel more epic, an impressive feat if you have played GoW.
    I also felt more at ease with the controls, and the camera than that of GoW.
    The voice acting involves some big guns, Sir Patrick Stuart and Robert Carlyle to name the most famous, so you know there will be no cheesey moments and a beautifully narrated game.
    The visuals and the music are both breathtaking.

    With vampires and werewolves very popular at the moment, this game is sure to be a huge success. Buy it, but it now! =D

  3.  Im sorry but these watches ROCK!


    I was reading, and was highly dissapointed by other users reviews of the breo products. Let me tell you all this, I own EVERY single colour of this watch. For a cheap price, you get a fully functional, easy to read, comfortable, stylish, and waterproof watch for a bargain.

    Let me tackle some of the earlier complaints, to all those who said they break easily, yes they are a form of silicon rubber, and wont be as tough as a metal watch. But i have had mine now for over a year. I take it off every night before bed, and put it back on in the morning. With a bit of care, and not pulling them like a neanderthal brute, they last fine. Im ordering a new one now, cause 1 of mine did finally break... in a WRESTLING match with a friend. Enough said. My closest comparison would be the silicon wristband craze a few years back, they are like a more durable version of them, treat them with care, and they last just fine.

    Another complaint is that the buttons on the back break easily. Again, all 10+ i've had for over a year. Twice i've had to change the times on all of them thanks to daylight saving, only 1 of them has broken in this time. Even then, with a bit of fiddling it worked again.

    My only real complaint is that they dont have a small light in them, would make them alot handier in places like pubs and clubs.

    I wear mine to the gym and swimming pool atleast 5 times a week. Fantastic items. Always get people talking. Yet to see someone that dislikes them aesthetically.

  4.  Demo based Review


    So I just finished playing the demo i got from the PSstore on 2/10/09. I wasnt expecting much not knowing about the game, and I knew that Tim Schafer worked on the game, but for me that meant absolutely nothing as I have never played any of his games before.

    But i must say, I was truly pleasantly suprised. The visuals of the game arn't ground breaking, the combat, control, and camera system isn't particularly revolutionary, but there is something about it all that just plane works. It must be this so called depth and humour Tim Schafer adds to his games, because this truly entertained me. The use of a guitar as a magical weapon, in a beautifully realised "metal world" (metal as in genre of music not the hard shiny substance) works perfectly, and brings an entire new type of game despite its non revolutionary factors.

    Jack Black is perfect in the lead role, and i cant wait to see some of the cameo appearances of some metal gods! (Im not even a huge fan of metal music)

    I was, a tad dissapointed to see parts of the game require a dance mat/guitar hero type approach, where u have to play tunes on the guitar at the right intervals, but thats a personal thing, as i very much dislike the 2 aforementioned types of game.

    All in all i loved the demo, and right after this review, i will be preordering this title!

  5.  TNA loses the Wrestling game war!


    The worst wrestling game ever made. To say this game is poor is a total understatement. I'll begin by comparing the game with the svsr franchise, which some may think is unfair, but during tna's development its all i heard the designers of the game do. The game in comparison falls miles short. Roster is so small, and to start with you have no less that 10 wrestlers. The match type, smackdown has in excess of 50, tna, ooooh lets see, 10? Even the clssic 6 sides of steel is absent. The move set, dont expect anything big here, less than 50 moves at a guess not including finishers, most of which arn't animated correctly (muscle buster for example), compared to svr's huge move list. Superstars are all the same size as well as all doing the same move, hey look abyss is the same size as shark boy! Yay! Create mode, dont even get me started on that... (You cannot put pads or boots over tights for example). Even the crowd and the arena is completely off scale and wrong. Tna is famous for its interactive crowds and awesome chants, all absent from their game. The controls are ludicrous, you have to do a finger crunching collection of 3 button pushes to do a finisher, even though there are buttons on the pad completely un used! The realism in the matches are truly tiresome and problematic, the longest i have ever kept an opponent down for is 10seconds, and thats after full body damage and multiple finishers and chair shots. Wheres the blood??? Tna is the most brutal wrestling fedration on tv these days, and theres no blood in their game. When you complete the game the designers speak of how proud they are with it, how its the bets game they could of made, and hows its the bets wrestling game ever. Wake up and smell the coffee people, if this is the best you can do, you'll be out of a job very soon. Someone in your staff could do with playing a smackdown game while you are it, and just see how poor your game is next to it. Very very poor game, and this is me being kind.

  6.  I'd have to agree with the other guy, Dissapointing in parts


    Its a very very very good book, no doubt, and tell's you everything you need to know about the pokemon in there, but like the other guy said, despite the book clearly stating on the cover "Everything you need to know about all the pokemon", it misses 3 of them out, and why???

    It also has quite a few miss prints in there which is dissapointing, like labelling 1 pokemon as Psychic when it is actually Electric/Ghost.

    On the whole a very good book though, that will help almost all trainers. Well worth £9