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  1.  Keeps the slimness of the phone + protects!


    I love the slimness and the net weight of the phone. I wanted something that could protect and keep this slim and feather profile; and this case seems to do that!

    That front is arched up a bit of the case, so if the phone lands face forward, the screen is protected.

    The back is strong and rugged; if you have cream on your hands, the grease from the cream can sometimes show - but that's if i'm explicility pin-pointing or fishing for negatives. Another small negative is that the case can sometimes come off very slightly from the right-hand side; probably because I was wearing really fitted jeans, it may made it clip off in my pocket. Again if I was fishing for negatives; trying to keep it honest ;).

    First time ever purchased from Case-Mate, will definitely be buying their cases later on for other phones.


  2.  Very very fast indeed...BUT...


    This is very fast don't get me wrong, it's amazingly protective - as i ride a motorbike and the vibration caused my other £5 USB to clonk out! This can take all that and it even went in the washing machine and it was still working more than ever!


    I got this for speed and reliability because USB's...well they suck in reliability in data storage. In only 3 weeks of use (and not constant, every now and then) two of my Microsft Word .Doc documents became corrupted which had vital pieces to my coursework in college. Luckily I had back-ups! Although, this is happening to few other people also (and yes I did use Safely Remove Hardware function) this is mainly ONLY happening to .DOC files and not the new .DOCX files by Microsoft Word 2007.

  3.  Brilliant, does exactly what it says on the tin!


    I had a 512mb before and bumping up to a 4gb beast was amazing. My phone was more responsive in reading and writing data and especially the massive boost was very helpful. I can't stress how good these are (Y)

  4.  Amazing, very fast and cheap!


    These are rock solid! Comes with 2 plastic protective casing. They are reliable, reasonable transfer rates (not slow, trust me i've tested) and better yet they are cheap!

  5.  Amazing when equaliser is adjusted correctly!


    These headphones are honest to god amazing! At first I thought they were WAYY to heavy on the bass but then after manually adjusting the equaliser on my Samsung YP-T10, they became the most crisp and clear headphones on the market! I reguarly listen to heavy metal and the vocals, drums and guitars sound so clean and everything is just TOO right, I just have to share!

    My brother bought the Shure SE110 when they were on half price around £20, we tested both with the same player, equaliser, volume and same song. We came to a conclusion that overall the Goldring - it's just so much better and it's louder! It out performed the SE110 which is now retailed at £49!

    It also comes with the MagicFoam ear plugs, which you squeeze and it forms a mould exactly how your inner-ear looks like in order to give maximum noise cancellation (it does a damn good job!) and in my opinion they are very comfortable after a long period of use.

    At this price they are a steal!