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  1.  Very good remake


    When I watched this i was impressed. I think it is actually a very good remake compared to the Spanish version and it is definately worth a watch but please dont watch Quarantine without watching REC.
    The ending wasnt as scary as the original but it still creeped me out. For the price you really cannot go wrong with this film, worth a buy

  2.  This is what horror is about!


    I watched this on sky one night and I must say, this is actually the only horror film that had me hiding behind a pillow!
    The ending being the tip on the iceberg but i recommend this to anyone who loves horror. I also recommend that you actually watch this in the dark as its set in a dark enviroment so it helps create more of an 'atmosphere'.
    This is is definately one of my favourite horrors ever and is actually going out to buy the second one today, I only hope it lives up to the first

  3.  Quite Dissapointed


    I bought this film with high expectations but while watching i was thoroughly disspaointed with what i saw.
    Unfortunately the advert made this film look alot better than what it was. So I think ill stay with the original version that i watched growing up.
    By all means if your interested do give this film a go and make your own mind up about it but personally, i think alot of people were let down by this

  4.  Simply Amazing


    I bought this album on a whim, being a Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory, but I can say i was highly pleased with what i heard!
    Linkin Park are trying something new and different, although they sound alot more 'dancey' than what they were originally doing, but if your a true LP fan you will appreciate this album for what it is. Its still them, their just trying something new!
    You might need to approach this with an open mind but I think any LP fan will enjoy this!
    A definate MUST BUY!

  5.  Worth a read!


    I use to be a Twilight fan until i got into True Blood and realised how much Meyer had ripped the series off.
    True blood is alot more grown up than Twilight and the characters have far more personality!
    This book is definately worth a read, so put down your Twilight books and get this book, it will change your mind completely!

  6.  Worth buying!


    I admit when i very first played RE5 i was a bit dissheartened cause of how much the series has taken a complete U-Turn and is nothing of what it was all about in the beginning.
    BUT, once you get over that and play it for its gameplay, you realise that this is the start of something amazing.
    I recommend this game to anyone!
    Also, its alot more fun to play partnered up with a friend as the computer AI can be a little bit....rubbish. But Sheva cant be worse than Ashely from RE4!!
    So this game is a beautiful installment in this series and is a MUST BUY!

  7.  Definately worth it!


    Got this game last thursday and its all ive played over the weekend.
    Far more fun and entertaining than ANY Gta game ive played in the past.
    Can get a bit tedious as you do alot of missions more than once, but still worth it! And if you like a game that lasts, you definately need this, after 8 hours of gameplay ive only completed it 26%!

  8.  A Must Have Game for PS3


    I bought this game after a reveiw from a friend and to be honest, I fell in love with this game.
    The characters are perfect, the animation is perfect, the dialog is witty and the gameplay is also amazing. The camera shots for some parts really do take your breath away, Naughty Dog have done it again with bringing us another brilliant game.
    Although the game could have lasted a little longer thats no matter, if you have your PS3 online you can get literally hours of fun playing multiplayer either by yourself or with a group of friends.
    I reccomend this game to anyone who has a PS3 (already got 4 of my friends into it!)
    So do yourself a favour and BUY THIS GAME!

  9.  Beautiful


    The perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy.
    Toy story 3 is amazing and i fell in love with everything about it!
    You NEED to buy this film!

  10.  amazing


    I havent played any of the old FF games but I will say that the story in this is pretty easy to pick up. If you also have a HDD tv your lucky because I have never seen a film look so BEAUTIFUL in HD! Worth the money and worth a watch!