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  1.  good old school shooter


    Fans of old PS2 shooters will like this game, i like the fact that it has been released without any hype. makes a nice suprise when you play it for the first time.
    The graphics could be better but are pretty decent, AI can be glitchy at times, sound can be up and down at times and the cut scenes can be hard to hear sometimes.
    BUT these are the downsides, the upsides are the gameplay is very good and smooth, the controls are easy to use, the timeshift shory line is very good and clever.
    The first couple of hours can be tense and make you jump when the lights are out, weapons and upgrades can be likened to bioshock, you can interact with items in the world like audio recordings, these help you get an understanding of why your there and what has happened before hand.

    Only gripe is this is checkpoint game so no saving at any point in the game, when you play on normal difficulty it is a bit easy at times with ample ammo and health kits.

    Any hardcore gamers can see this as a good classic shooter, needs to be played if only to see how PS2 shooter used to be.

    Great game!

  2.  A Fantastic Film


    Ok i have heard a small amount of people saying this storyline has been done before (Dances with Wolves Etc)

    So just to recap - The storyline is basically a human mind is genetically linked to an 8ft alien native body, whos mission is to infiltrate a group of native 'savages' on a distant planet to find natural resources in order to help save our own dying world.
    So can someone please tell me how that story has been done before?

    Ignore the critics, how can we make 1000's of movies over the years and continue to come up with completly unique and new storys to satisfy a minority who could find fault with anything??

    Watching this film i can honestly say i could not fault it in anyway. Great effects, good storyline, action, love, sorrow, excitement, It has it all, i never once thought 'how long is left' when i was sat in the cinema, i wasnt even bothered about eating my snacks because i was that enthralled. The CGI is second to none, and it looks so real you actually beleive it, watching it in 3D just made it perfect. Pandora leaves you breathless the first time you see its lush landscape as the camera flys through the air.
    Im sure it will look great in your front room, Blu Ray will do it proud. Shame it wont be in 3D but im sure later this year with the release of 3D TVs they will re-release it as a 3D Disc.

    If you like losing yourself in a Sci Fi film for a few hours then this film is for you, it is absolutely fantastic.

  3.  Good game, but not a hardcore rally game


    You need to take this game for what it is, a racing game. If you are expecting game like the old colin mcrae games on ps2 then you will be dissapointed. This game feels very like grid, which is good in some respects but bad in others.
    The game commentary feels very american and phrase like 'you nailed that one dude' and 'awesome' pop up a lot, the first quarter of the game involves racing against other drivers who want to be your friend, then later on in the game you unlock actual rally stages, but you are racing against cars with flames painted on the bonnet and why you have toys on the dashboard and dice hanging off the mirrors i will never know. this game feels like they have taken the technical part of the old colin mcrae away, things like customising your car for different stages and fixing the damage on the car, and replaced them with commercial aspects like dashboard toys and boy racer paintwork on the cars.

    Saying that the driving part of the game is fantastic, feels very responsive and quite like grid, also you have the rewind option for when you powerslide into a tree you can pause rewind and try the corner again. Graphics are very good and the rally stages very challenging on different surfaces.

    All in all this game is very good, but you need to forget the Colin Mcrae or WRC of old and take it for what it is, a good racing game.

  4.  Good Phone


    Ok ive had the phone for a few days now, cant complain. Good signal, good features, good battery life despite what people say. I can only assume that they are very heavy users which to be fair im not, i make the odd call every day but mostly text. I understand you can buy a heavy duty battery if needed,
    Camera is good 5mp, but not as good as the sony erricsson cybershot, but its a small price to pay, theres never going to be a phone out there that ticks every box. Good little m toy games on the phone also included.
    To sum up phone looks great feels solid, does what it says on the tin really, the only downside is getting used to the menu and configuring the settings the handbook is very vague!! But a few hours trial and error soon fixes it up.

  5.  If you liked the first one you will like this.


    This game is a vast improvement on the first one which was a cracking game in itself. Graphics have improved a lot and the atmosphere in the game is very good. Good soundtrack makes the fear element of the game very enjoyable and scary at the same time. There are new creatures in the game which are very well designed and fearsome. One is the chameleon which is v scary when you first encounter it it the forest i wont say anymore but watch out!!! New weapons also feature which are great for blasting these new creatures to pieces.
    Ok the one and i mean one downside is the a.i. Can be a little stupid at times like creatures shooting at nothing in particular while you are next to them but you hardly notice because you dont have time to, you just have to blast everything that moves. I for one love this game because its a shooter with a difference, i liked cod but im sick of hearing the comparisons now, yes it was good but i get bored of shooting people for 12 levels, i want to face different enemies that make me jump when they appear.
    Anyone who likes blasting aliens in there spare time needs to own this game. It will pass the time until alien colonial marines comes out in march!!

  6.  Good little game


    This is a good game, ok the release has probably been timed wrong as COD and Resistance 2 are being released the same month, to be fair it is never going to compete with these heavy hitters. But i am an avid first person shooter fan and have played a hell of a lot over the years and this has everything you want from a game, ok the graphics are not as good as COD etc be but they are far better than haze's awful squared graphics, the storyline of pandoras box is fantasy but is put together quite well. Creatures are very intelligent and you must keep moving to keep alive otherwise you get killed quite quickly, the game has a lot of atmosphere and it does make you jump when you are in claustraphobic environments and something jumps out on you, the first few levels where you are in the city and everything is falling apart is very good and just looking around the wrecked city at all the creatures and destruction going on, it makes you feel as if you are there especially with the surround sound on. All in all this is a good game, it is going to be over shadowed by resistance 2 and COD but if blasting werewolves heads off with a shotgun sounds good then you definately should check this out!!

  7. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


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     PRO EVO FANS REVIEW, good but not without its flaws


    Well after pro evo 08 i was ready to delve into Fifa as it couldnt be any worse than last years pro. Honestly i am very impressed this game has come on leaps and bounds since i last played it.

    The Good: The game has such a realistic feel, the commentary is fantastic and you actually feel like you are watching the match on sky sports, graphics are very good and its a nice touch that you can control your own goal celebration. The gameplay is very good but probably to easy on the beginner and profesional level. I am a pro evo fan and i have had to change the difficulty to world class already, this may be because im Man Utd and they are very good on the game. When you are playing a high profile team its incredibly difficult to get through their defense which is a realistic touch, players make intelligent runs in front of you and point to where they want it, passing is good because you control the direction and the strength of the pass, shooting is realistically difficult and you have to time it to perfection so when you score you feel like you have really achieved it.

    The Bad: When you are playing on two player with one of your mates it is very good because you are in control of the players however when you play the computer in your own season the A.I. of the opposition becomes a little strange. Firslty the goal keepers - when you play a through ball into the area they stay on their line and dont come to collect it? this happens on all difficulties! i scored a goal with rooney last night with a through ball across the box when he scored he was 6 yards out and the keeper had retreated to his line he could easily of come to pick it up I have done this a few times and it feels like a let down when you score, this also happens with your own keeper but you can hold triangle to bring him out.. Then when you are passing the ball around sometimes you player receiving the ball just leaves it and starts running sideways and it either goes out of play or he gets tackled, sometimes players try to control a bouncing ball and just do a complete air shot and lose it. this sometimes happens when you are the last defender who refuses to head it back to the keeper and the attacker then gets through to score. I have been playing the game for a week now and i still havent scored from a corner which is very frustrating, also i seem to hit the post every game sometimes 3 or 4 times a match, this may be because i am directing my shots right in the corner but to me it seems a bit daft. Now i am currently half way through my premier league season, i am 5th with man utd but above me is portsmouth newcastle blackburn and arsenal. Liverpool and chelsea are in the botton half, i would love this to be true in real life but in the game i want to challenge theother big 3 for the title. Sometimes playing the smaller teams is harder than playing the big ones and attackers of smaller teams are unrealistically fast on the ball, Rio Ferdinand got skinned and then out paced by Peter Crouch last night Whats that about!!!!

    All in all this game is good, i understand Pro has just updated the graphics this year so we are still going to get the annoying niggles like last year like stupid defenders falling over thin air, ridiculous red cards, goalies palming every rebound to an opposition attacker, that feeling that no matter what you do the opposition are going to score and then they do, stupidly easy so you have to put it on top player straight away ...........i could go on but im running out of space.

    To sum up this game is very good but it does have some things that frustrate, i for one will be keeping this game but i will hire out pro evo just to see for myself what it is like.

    4 out of 5 check it out!!!!!!