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  1.  Very good console, I'd say go for it


    As much as everyone likes to knock it the 360 is a brilliant system. More costly then the Wii but cheaper then the PS3, casual and hardcore alike can enjoy this system.

    As much as everyone loves the entire RROD! argument against it I can say I've had mine since launch and I've had to send it back once under warranty, hardly the 40billion problems everyone and there nans seem to have.

    Excellent selection of games with more coming, brilliant online service, given it cost's £40 for a year but that adds up to £3-4 pounds a month, hardly a bank breaking fee.

    Too many people try to knock there realiability and maybe I got a lucky console but if that's the case all my friends who also own the console seem to have just as lucky ones seeing as I have 7 or 8 friends with systems only 2 of them having a single problem with it and having it fixed under warranty.

    I'm at heart a PC gamer but I like the 360 for it's titles such as Gears of War, Halo, Lost Odyssey and condemned. It's game's that make the console not vice versa. For the same reason I have a wii for smash bros brawl and metroid and am considering buying a PS3 system for Heavenly sword, Little Big planet and Warhawk (And possibly MGS4 but from my opinion it is to heavily reliant upon cutscenes and not enough action, I guess I'll see in the long run.)

    If you really want a persons opinion online really read through there reviews and have a quick blast at what else they've reviewed, a lot of people who have given this system a 1 star rating have given the PS3 a 5 star rating, the internet isn't biased, check somebody elses reviews to see if there tastes match up with yours.

    But in conclusion, if you're not planning on playing 24/7 buy this system, if you are a hardcore gamer as myself it's really a choice of preference, if you prefer Shooter action and other such games this system is heavily built around what you need. If you prefer a challenging RPG or puzzle game this system has quite a selection but I'd imagine the PS3 will have more RPG's in the long run having more support from japanese companies like square (though Final Fantasy 13 will be available on 360 Versus will not, I don't really know the difference between the 2 other then that the stories are different and the art style incredibly different but that's just how it goes.)