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  1.  Based on demo.... fantastic!


    The demo has provided a massive insight to how the game actually plays. Just to clear one thing up, obviously the person who enjoys Endwar more than this, doesnt seem to realise that endwar is much more restricted and fiddly than Halo Wars. The voice recognition is inconistant, the commands are lengthy and uneccessary. Halo Wars' controls are simple yet they provide a diserve amount of options at your disposal.
    The demo's campaign insight leaves you on a cliff-hanger, it certainly has made me want to know more! Also the skirmish mode can be played over, and over again. Not one skirmish game is the same, thanks to Ensemble's experience with their Age of Empires and Age of Mythology franchises. Being a HUGE fan of Age of Empires, its clear where their experience rubs off on this game, and it does so perfectly.
    I believe this will be the first RTS to actually 'work' for a console. Finally, game developers have nailed a quick and effective control system for a console RTS. Hats off to Ensemble, Microsoft and Bungie (who played a minor role in the production to my knowledge) for producing what promises to be a truely awesome game.

  2.  The deciding factor WHY you are better off paying for Live!


    As described by many people, there is a very good, deciding and huge reason why paying for xbox live is far better, then taking the free playstion network, it is far, far, far better and faster!

    What you pay for is money to go into development, for example the fantastic new xbox live look, avatars, far improved menu system, updates to hardware, updates to games fixing the little things (which i believe pn does little of when compared to xbl). Your paying for a fast and hastle free connection to game sessions, regardless of the game. For example, random disconnects in cod4 and cod:waw are far more frequent on the playstations free service than xbox live's far more funded and established online gaming.

    Yes, £35 a year, not a month, a year, is quite the bargain compared to monthly of £6. And yes its obvious xbox take profit from this, but they also put a big proportion back into xbox live and its development.

    I would rather pay £130 for a 360, then pay £35 for a proper online service, than pay £300 for a ps3, and pay nothing for a poor online service. Oh and as for play.com's price on xbox live (£35), you've come to the right place, in the shops and from xbox themselves(£40).

  3.  Brilliantly thought out game, but...


    This game's single player is fantastic, if you have followed the previous bia games you will pick the story line up straight away, but for those who havnt it explains alot towards the end about past events in their part of the normandy campaign, i have no idea what the guy a few reveiews below is going on about with the graphics, on a hd tv it looks the nuts, its only on sd it looks no different to a ps2 version of bia. The gameplay is beautiful, its all about the tactics, not about who has the bigger guns. Even on the easiest setting it i so easy to be killed if you dont get your head down. This game makes you think about where you place your troops and how you use them, and it makes you lead the game, not let some1 lead you which the call of duty series seems to do.
    You cant compare the two games, cod and bia are completely different outlooks to a fps, you would be stupid to compare the two to each other.
    However, with all that said, the multiplayer is a huge let down, with the graphics being dull and downgraded somehow, and the gameplay style does not suit multiple human players, its too flawed, there was way too much hype about a new multiplayer for the bia series, rather than one on one with each human commanding a sqaud they ruined it with all humans. A bad choice in my opinion.
    Overall, 9/10, the only let down is the multi-player, the game is true to life and history for the most part, and the single-player is the best i have seen for a long, long time.

  4.  Memory stick not a tape...


    Good for a gift for a friend, but be warned, READ THE DESCRIPTION before buying (unlike the guy underneath), it states its a USB memory stick, spose its what you get for not bothering to read anything.

  5.  From what the demo shows... brilliant


    My first point im going to make, is that this demo was actually MADE months ago, before they finalised the graphics and effects, so dont comment on the graphics just yet till release, we dont know what they are like.
    The gameplay is brilliant, if your imaginative enough, you can use the force powers to make some pretty comical deaths or very... destructive deaths.
    And for any star wars fan, this is their key to the bridge between the original trilogy and the last three, and shows why the jedi were seriously reduced in numbers.
    Overall, brilliant outlook for the game, lets hope leveling your skills doesnt make it repetitive.

  6.  What is he on about?


    "Iv always been a big fan of driving games, and played alot of gran turismo and Forza 2 for the 360 is really good. Dirt is MASSIVE let down if you like driving games because the handling of the cars is pathetic and feels like its been ripped straight from mario cart regardless of what surface your driving on. Looks absolutley stunning and the damage is impressive but i got bored of this after 10 minutes!! Too easy and no fun to drive. Far better off buying forza if you're looking for a proper driving game. If you want an arcade mess about give this a bash"

    What is he actually on about? he obviously does not know the difference between gravel and mud, real of virtual. This game nearly masters offroad racing, the graphics are amazing, the damage physics are top knotch, and the racing/rallying, well unbeatable, this is the wrong game to compare to forza by far, forza is track racing, this is off road racing. The reason i havnt given this nearly flawless game 5 stars, is because it feels the physics have just been ported over from Toca Race Driver 3 on the off road stages(which dont get me wrong are amazing), just with a few improvements. Its a must by for any enthusiast, and a high recommendation for any1 who enjoys racing games.
    Also its some kind of respect paid to the late colin McRae himself, one of the greatest men in motorsport to have lived, he will be missed.

  7.  Simply, THE best!


    I only received these yesturday, bassically plug in and play.
    They are definetly worth the £200! and they are £80 cheaper than from logitech themselves!
    The sound is crisp and absaloutely perfect, the bass is tone perfect, with huge affect still at low volume's, once you buy these and use them, whether your just watching tv, a film, playing on a game's console or PC, you will NEVER want to go back to stereo sound anymore
    Stylish, powerful, superb quality and a boasting point, they are THE best set of surround speakers at this price.

  8.  Has EA Scraped It Back?!


    I went into this with low expectations, if Carbon was anything to go by it seemed as if NFS was going downhill, and fast. Especially with a port-over from PS2 to next-gen being absaloutely terrible!
    But ProStreet really did suprise me. The 360 version is smooth, clean, detailed, bassically EA games have finally released a game when they have completed it!
    I was disappointed to see the free roaming and 'real' street racing gone, maybe an idea which can work with the 'pro-street' racing, but track racing has made a good change, the track layouts were brilliant and poised for complete racing action. One thing dissapointed me, the AI and what cars it matches to your monster of a machine, it seemed almost effortless to win. Only on the King races does it get hard (except for Grip, where they put a stage 2 car against you!). Id love to see the idea of street racing with the pro culture, and how the street racing effects your 'pro' life, turning up to events and such. Maybe this was a run up to what EA really have in store for us, you never know. They have ALOT to do still to win back the NFS fan's, but its definetly a great start!
    I cant say the same for the PS2 version, but i will review that there.