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  1.  Quality family film


    On one of them slow days when the kids are doing your head in this film is perfect, i have 4 horrors(kids) and it gave me peace and quiet, even the wife watched it and enjoyed it. Only problem is now they want to watch it more often! Overall 4 out of 5 as it never got me to intrested in it.

  2.  Real king of Wrestling!!


    This years edition of the wwe games is so much better than the past years, this year they have tried to use the tag team more and have tag finnishers which is a huge improvment.
    360 Achivments are also easier this year and can be done offline(yes no win 25 games in a row online) and with downloadable wrestler coming soon the game can only get better. I do enjoy wrestling games and have been on tna for a few weeks but now this is out goodbye tna and the real knig of wrestling is here!

  3.  great story


    I have played and completed all the lego games(indy, batman, and star wars) and this has the best storyline of them all as it does not follow a movie. This is so much better than indy but on par with star wars.

  4.  fun... for a while


    Got this for the wife as it is her fav saying, some of the phrases are great but others are rubbish.
    Worth the £5 i payed for it

  5.  Total Nonstop Button bashing


    The game looks great, but as you play it you soon get sick of the controls, you have to unlock wrestler, arenas and moves. The is only 1 story which does get repetitive and at points i wanted to smash the game or put my foot through the tv.
    On the up side there is downloadable wrestler coming soon

  6.  enjoy it


    if there is a story to this i dunno what it is, this movie is just laugh after laugh.

  7.  when was it funny


    watched this last night and now i wish i had a early night. poor jokes that have been done hundreds of time before.

  8.  perfect for a ps2 or xbox


    i rented this game and my brother asked me "when did you get your ps2 out?" poor graphics,story and gameplay.
    if you can get a copy for a fiver then you would have overpayed for it

  9.  just what i've been waiting for


    you want a game where you can come in from the pub and just play. here it is.
    i would recomend this to anyone

  10.  just the job


    perfect if you want hd films straight to your 360 witha great backlog of old games, plus extra maps, levels or even gamertag pics to be bought with the points