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  1.  So Addictive!


    I never thought I would ever say this but im going too-this is more addictive than Call of Duty. Until I bought Tiger Woods 09 I simply couldnt pull myself off COD 5. The grapics are good and the career mode is brilliant, which is not something I generally say as I usually only play online. Its brilliant trying to get your attibutes up and the Tiger challenges are superb. Theres the good point to this game but now for the bad points. This game is prob one of the most infuriating games on the planet. It is so frustrating when you hit a putt and it hangs over the hole but doesnt fall down. Getting the shots right is very hard but it does get easier in time. Now for the most annoying thing about the game, the commentating by Sam Torrence and Kelly Tillman. They do nothing but slag every shot off that you make, even if its a good shot. It makes you feel like actually jumping into the tv, running upto the commentating box and beating the hell out of tyhe pair of them, very annoying. Anyway, brilliant game, A*

  2.  Just when you thought it couldnt get any better!


    This aint normal, a second season is never better than the first - until now! I cant beleive im about to say this but I think this is actually better than the likes of 24, prison break and lost. This really is an edge of your seat series which gets you shouting at the tv. Absolutely brilliant and the acting is totally superb and faultless. Best of the best.

  3.  Very Good


    The first 2 films should have been rated 10 stars and id say this is bout half as good as the first 2, hence why iv still rated it 5 stars. This is still a brilliant film but it isnt as good as the first 2. You still get exactly what you expect from a transprter film, the action, the fights, the chases etc, but it lacks in story line in my opinion. I would still highly recomend this film to be added to your dvd collection but just dont expect it to be as good as number 2 and especially number 1.

  4.  Fingers crossed


    It seems that im the unluckiest bloke on this planet when it comes to mobile phones. This is bout the 4th one in a year that iv had, they all go wrong and after owning a terrible nokia 6500 slide i was very uneasy bout buying another nokia but so far so good. Mind you iv only had it bout 6 hours, lol. Build quality seems pretty good and the software is very good, I absolutely love the feature which actually says the name of the person calling you, very clever. Anyway, seems a good phone and would reccomend buying it goign on my experience so far.

  5.  Hilarious!


    Love Skins? You will love this. Defo one of the funniest comedies available, Roll on May when season 2 is released.

  6.  Good but too hard!


    This is a very good game but its too hard on both single player and online play. Single player is do-able i guess but online is just too hard. Iv played bout 30 games online and am yet to win one. Either im totally poo at playin it or the ppl iv played are just unbelievably good. Guess its one of those games you need a lot of practice at!

  7.  Very moderate


    This film is just ok, its not terrible and its not good, just ok. No where near as good as the first one as many people have said in reviews but i still think its well worth a watch. Prob not the sort of film that i will watch again any time soon so will sit on my shelve for about another 2 years. The acticg isnt terrible as some people have said, yer its not the best but still worth watching. Anyway, nothing really left to say, i wouldnt recommend buying this as its just not good enuf to spend over a tenner on.

  8.  Too Many Faults


    When you first buy this phone you will think its the best thing since slice bread but then when youve had it a couple of weeks and notice the screen flickering and getting white lines going across it you will think its a load of unreliable rubbish. This is my 3rd one now n it still happens so there is obviously a design fault with it. Iv also found that it likes to rrestart itself every now n then which can be quite annoying should you be half way throught a text. I wouldnt recommend this phone no matter how good looking it is.

  9.  Suprisingly Good!


    I dont know why this has been getting bad reviews as this is brilliant. It reminds me of 'I know what you did last summer', and if you enjoyed that film then you will love this. Brilliant action scenes and the acting is very good considering iv never heard of any of them. Ray Winstone's daughter is in this and my god she is hot. Worth watching just to see her in a bikini.

  10.  This is brilliant!


    If your between the age of 15 and 30, then you will absolutely love this. I cant beleive how true to life this is, absolutely hilarious, this is a must buy!!!