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  1.  Whats in the box?


    Received this PS3 slim bundle. Its basically a standard 320GB ps3 system inside a giant GT5 slip case. The game is actually safely buried inside the PS3 box though!

    Good service from Play :)

  2.  Size


    Would be fantastic if it was sold in sizes other than small..

    Any chance of getting any other sizes?

  3.  Great


    Cant fault them.. Dont know why the controller wasnt designed like this in the first place!

  4.  Awesome


    That is all that can be said.

    Wouldn't of thought i would like the album but i went for it and i love it.
    Great tunes.


  5.  Great game. Misunderstood?


    I dont think alot of the reviewers understand the background behind this game. Ridge racer is and allways was an arcade racer the gameplay in RR 7 is typical RR style. Its not trying to be a gran turismo or forza.

    Anyway being a RR game i have to say i think this is the best one since RR1. Gameplay is spot on and the single player modes are way better than ever before.

    Online is a blast allthough the chat system is pretty crazy but atleast it means players from anywhere in the world can understand you.

    Have to give it 5 stars. A year on this game is still a blast to play.

  6.  Cant stop laughing


    this boxset has reminded me how much i love beavis and butthead. I cant stop laughing some of the episodes on this set are so funny.

    Well worth it if you like these old MTV shows :p

  7.  Awesome.


    There is nothing else to say.. GT fans enjoy! This prologue(yes that means its NOT the full game that is due in 09) is packed with cars and events and 16 player online too!

    Just played for a few hours and im loving it!

  8.  Stop.


    Stop. Think about what you are doing before buying this.

    I bet alot of you are just buying it because everyone else is trying to and because of this hype machine going on that makes the wii a godlike console at the moment.

    I fell for this and when i got my wii i quickly found out... in short...

    It sucks.... really bad.

    Has sat on the desk since for months nearly unused. The complete lack of features and dire games are just unbelievable! Even the younger kids get bored with this after the a day with it.

    And im not the only one.. pretty much everyone i know with one says the same thing so it cant be just me!

    If you really are still going to buy one please dont buy it for more than the £179 RRP... i felt ripped off enough at that price :(

    Big letdown.

    Do yourself a favor. Buy a PS2 which is half the price and on the same level of graphics but with THOUSANDS of games or a "next gen" console like a xbox 360 or the ps3. The wii is pure rubbish in my opinion!

  9. Skate



    8 New from  £14.78  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.32

     Must have game for skating fans


    This is just a must have! I was sceptical at first but after playing the demo and now the full game i can say it is just brilliant! The world is vast and lots to do.. Alot of great places to explore too!

    The controll system also feels very natural once you get used to it(if you come from a tony hawks background!)

    Tony hawk move over! i would recommend this to everyone!

  10.  Does the job


    Does the job.. Feels sturdy and controller fits in well. Not much else to say.