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  1.  Must Buy!!!


    i had never heard of the Foals until i heard Spanish Sahara on the Radio on the way home, Shazam came to my recue and told be about them, instanly came on play and ordered the album which i recieved today and now listening to the last track as im writing this and must say its the best album i have heard this year every song is a masterpeice!!! 100% reccomend if you like the sound of spanish sahara! any now going to hit the repeat button! get it!!!!!!

  2.  What do you mean multi player isnt good?!


    Nick, how can you say the multiplayer mode isnt very good? have you played it long enought to understand how people really play it? i know everybody has there own personal preferance and all but... are you serious man! the multiplayer is the best First person shooter i have ever played! great maps and great wepons! regarding the perks i have never seen anybody die on perpose to get their perks back! what would be the point just for a stun grenade? as for the knife kills, its very hard to get a knife kill, you have to sneek up behind them, or have lightning fast reactions in order to get the stab so should be rewarded with the kill. you make it sound to be a pile of poop which is very misleading!!!

    if you want a amazing multi player expeirance then i definatley reccomend this game 5/5

    Single player is good also, a little on the short side maybe but put it on veteran then you have a intense challenge on you hand!

    hope this helps.

    I say "if you like shooters you must own this game end off!"