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  1. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £10.75  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.19

     Shoddy, Laggy and Disappointing.


    I was a bit skeptical about this but i decided to buy it anyway and give it a chance and if i'm honest i feel like i have been cheated out of £30 for a shoddy, rushed and shallow gaming experience. The main focus of the game is that your character is a builder with a rare talent for adding essences of different items such as apples or flowers to the things you build, and so the main aspect of this game is that you have to build things for people.

    When someone wants to move into your town they go and stay in the hotel and from there you can invite them to live in the city. When they say yes the first thing you have to do is choose a plot of land and then build them a house or shop. Then if it is a character who runs a shop they will have a few items of furnature missing for one reason or another and will ask you to build them for then.

    Normally i like this kinda game because you are free to do other stuff rather than get on with the main aim of the game if you want but this is the problem with MySims. All you can really do is go fishing or go prospecting for essences, which are useles unless you want to build things. I found that i quickly grew tired of the repetitiveness of building a new character a flower stand or a stereo and you realise that once you get bored of that there's really nothing else to do in this game. Everything you can possibly do in this game either involves building or collecting essences.

    But i could live with a game like that if it weren't for the absolutely rediculous amount of lag that this game has. I don't think for a second that this has anything to do with the Wii not being powerful enough, beause it sounds to me like EA have purposely written this game onto the disk in the worst was possible, you may find that you actually have to turn the volume up on the TV to drown out the death rattles that come from the console as you play this game. With my limited knowledge of this sort of technology it sounds like the data files for this game have been scattered willy nilly across the disk so the disk reading laser is constantly leaping about trying to find the right information to load. I think this contributes greatly to the Lag.

    Now so far on the Wii i haven't found many games that lag but the one i can think of is Alien Syndrome which has a timy bit of slowdown in coop during the bigger fights and i am fine with that, but MySims lag is completely nonsensical and random, sometimes you will be running through an empty section of your town where nothing is going on and it will suddenly judder to a halt for a few seconds. WHY???

    One more bizzare element to this game is that you'll find that sometimes if you go into a building it will load in about three seconds, but if you leave and then go back in it could potentially take about 10-15 seconds to load the exact same stuff it loaded in 3 seconds last time. Why??

    In Conclusion, if you are patient and have a lot of time on your hands along with an appreciation for simulation games where you can only do two things then by all means go for this game, but i would advise mostly everyone else to ignore this completely as it is a bit of a disgrace by EA. We are supposed to be living in an age where games are greatly improving and adding more and more depth and freedom and this game makes one giant backwards leap....
    ...The graphics and animations are quite cute though..