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  1.  Puurrrfect book for any cat lover


    I have just finished reading this book and what can I say, I LOVE Bob. The book tells the moving story of how Bob found James and how the 2 of them helped each other through some troublesome times. The book is wonderfully written and while there are obviously some sad and dark moments there are also lots of wonderfully humorous ones too. Bob made me smile at every page turn and I wish I was still living in the UK to be able to go to London and meet this cat for myself. I could see so much of my own cat in Bob and I think this book is a must read for all animal lovers but particularly cat lovers. Best of luck to Bob and James and thank you for sharing your story with us

  2.  I LOVED this book!


    Another great book from Lindsey Kelk - I enjoyed the first one so much that I couldnt wait for the second one to come out! Unfortunatly I had to wait till I went home to the UK for a visit to buy it, but it was well worth the wait! I love the charactors of Angela & Jenny & it is really easy to become engrossed in their world!
    I am sad that I have finished it this morning & I cant wait for the 3rd one to come out!

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     BEST Christmas movie EVER!!!!


    I LOVE this film!!! It is the best Christmas movie ever! It is so funny & so sweet. Everyone will love this film, adults & kids alike! It is my favourite!!

  4.  A Great Holiday Read


    I recently read & LOVED Guilty Pleasures so I thought I would give this one a go too & I really enjoyed it! It wasnt as gripping as I was expecting, but it was a really enjoyable, although a little predictable at times, but still a great book to read by the pool or on the plane! I would def recommend it - if you enjoy sophie kinsella & marion keyes, you will enjoy these too!

  5.  Fantastic Read!


    I hadnt read any Karin Slaughter books before, but a friend had & she said they were great so I thought I would give it a go! I really enjoyed this book, it had lots of different twists & I was gripped right until the end. I liked the charactors & I am def going to order the rest of her books now!!!

  6.  A fantastic feel good movie!


    This is one of my favourite films ever! It is such a happy light hearted film that had me laughing out loud in places! I have watched it 3 times this year already & will probably watch it many more times in years to come! Would definitly recommend this film to anyone!

  7.  I LOVED this book!


    I had enjoyed reading Daddys Girls & Gold Diggers so thought I would give this a try & I am so glad I did! I loved it, right from the start I was hooked-the charactors were intresting, the story was gripping & kept you guessing what was going to happen right till the end. I read it in 2 days! I can't wait to read the 4th one now!

  8.  A good film, but not very exciting!!


    This wasnt quite what I had expected! I had been told it was a fanastic film so I expected to be a lot more gripped by it! It was a good story & Kate Winslet was very good but it was a bit slow & I lost interest several times. It is good to watch, but I wouldnt bother buying it!

  9.  Feel Good Movie!


    A friend of mine leant me this & I knew nothing about it-I thought it looked rubbish but thought I should give it a go before I returned it, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed it, it was funny & jut a nice film to watch on a rainy day!!

  10.  Good workout but annoying presenters!


    The workouts are good-I enjoy the cardio box & I love doing the pump but if you thought Davina was annoying you havent seen anything yet! Mark is so much more annoying than she is-thank god for the mostly music option so once you have got used to the work out you can do it without hearing his annoying comments! Prefer the 5 20 min workout dvd more-the workouts on that one are much better & you feel you have done a good workout, but this is a good start!