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  1.  Thor-riffic


    I had seen the trailers for this film and again didn't get the time to see this at the cinema, so I pre-ordered.
    I didn't quite know what to expect from Kenneth Brannagh as he is more well known for Frankenstein and Shakespere.

    WOW, this film is brilliant from start to finish, I'm so glad they got Chris as Thor, he is excellent, very well played, acted and heartfelt.
    Anthony Hopkins, wow again, he so suits the role, the new guy who plays Loki is fantastic.
    Natalie plays her role brilliantly, her character is very curious, almost like an innocent child.

    There are some funny moments in this film and there are some heart-breaking moments and one scene that makes me cry each time I have watched the film.
    There really is twists and turns within this film and I really hope they bring out Thor 2.
    Also watch out for a scene after the end credits, it is defo worth the wait and raises more questions than answers, but brilliant.

    Well done to the cast, crew, Kenneth Brannagh, production etc, they have done a stella job with this.
    This film really has heart, laughs and shows that even gods need to learn what it truly means to have power and the responsibilities that come with it.

  2.  Average Jack


    It was great to see Captain Jack Sparrow on his usual form, Johnny Depp was magnificent, it was great to see him out wit folk and his get aways are awesome.
    Ian McShane as the trecherous Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was amazing, he played it so well and did the role justice.
    Barbosa was wicked and as ever upto his sneaky tricks.
    And as for Blackbeards daughter, played by Cruz, although she was cunning like her father, she never really shines.
    The mermaids however are both deadly and pretty and so spectacular, it is amazing to see how CGI etc has come on in the past few years.

    All in all this film was average, the plot about the fountain of youth didn't seem to be handled correctly or for that matter shown properly.
    Their was great chemistry between the characters, but I find myself yearning for curse of the black pearl as that was the best out of the lot so far.
    2hrs is a little long especially when you find yourself looking at your watch a ll the time.
    This film doesn't have as much action or comedy as the previous 3, but I guess this is just my opinion.
    It is an average film with nothing to really shout about, but watch it and make up your own minds, for me it was a let down.

  3.  Not impressed


    This LG phone is okay, the touch screen is good and some of the extras like drawing pad, my stuff and the camera are good, this is as far as it goes.
    The back cover is all but useless, it constantly slides off which it shouldn't do, must be a design flaw.
    The battery life is also rubbish, the longest it lasts is 2 days, which isnt so good when you're on the go all the time.
    There is another design flaw - when you are writing a text, it can freeze and auto shuts off leaving you utterly perplexed as to why it shut down.
    If I had my choice all over again, I wouldn't pick this phone as it has way too many design flaws, not enough battery life and disappoints you all round.

  4.  a brilliant film


    I was a little apprehensive about this because I didn't think it would live upto the first film, how wrong I was. This film is for me full of emotion and meaning aswell as a stellar cast the storyline is good too, one to look out for is jetfire, he is very funny.
    All in all a brilliant film with brilliant directing and acting.
    Watch it and decide for yourselves but I highly reccommend this film.

  5.  excellent bag


    this bag was larger than i first thought, great design had lots of compliments, the price is fantastic, very sturdy and well worth the fiver, even the strap is big and sturdy so will take some stick and not rub into your shoulder as much.

  6.  amazing and brilliant


    My ssiter bought me this for my birthday.
    I listened to it straight away, it blew my mind away.
    GREENDAY are back and better than before.
    This album by far surpasses american idiot, which I thought was amazing, but this is even better and well worth the wait.
    My three fave songs are - 21st century breakdown, 21 guns and christians inferno.
    If you love greenday, you'll be blown away by this most excellent album.
    After listening to it again and again, peacemaker is one of the outstanding songs along with 21 guns, fantastic

  7.  one to treasure


    I didn't get to see this at the cinema, so pre-ordered it here. When it arrived i couldn't wait to watch it. The actors/actresses gave an excellent performance. Yes the plot is similar to the first one but there is a real twist in here which doesn't get revealed until near the end. The action sequences are brilliant and at times i found myself laughing at the characters and the stuff they get upto.
    This is one to treasure, but also watch it and see what you think.

  8.  Loved it!


    I only saw this a few days ago. When watching the trailers it doesn't give you enough of how great this film is. I was a little dubious about watching this but went ahead and watched it thinking that there would be nothing that good about the film. As soon as the Camero (bumblebee) drove himself off and the guy thought his car had been stolen i was hooked.
    The CGI in this film is something to wonder and marvel at. The voices for the autobots was dead on perfect and what a great act from Shia LeBeouf.
    This film took my breath away, if you're looking for action adventure and a few laughs then this is the film for you.
    The Director did one hell of a job and i applaud everyone who worked on this film, what a result and what a brilliant film.

  9.  watch secrets unfold


    I was a little afraid to watch this when it first came out on dvd. I had low hopes as i had heard the reviews, which weren't so good. The dvd came onto special offer so i decided why not! I wasn't disappointed, it far out-ran my own expectations. This is a film with lots of action and lots of secrets to discover, from the clay pipe to the declaration of independence. Nicholas Cage fits this role well and the supporting cast do a fantastic job, well worth £4.99
    Throughout the film i was hoping they'd find the truth and they did, but what's better is how they get to that point.

  10.  one hell of a laugh


    This film is brilliant. Its full of laughs, the special features are good too.
    The four main characters chemistry is fantastic. A real good buy something you can watch over and over again.

    And Ray Liotta is kinda scary but his character soon gets put in his place.
    Watch out for the raven and a bar blowing up, the way these incidents happen is hilarious.