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  1.  Pretty poor


    This is a typical modern horror movie. It doesn't know if it's a horror comedy, it tries way too hard to shock and it isn't really scary at all.

    When I saw that Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen were starring in this I thought it was going to be OK but I was wrong and I found it to be pretty annoying.The women swore too much for it to be effective and I didn't care about one single character. This is a poor effort.

  2.  A disappointment


    So many people have raved about this movie being better than the sublime 'The Godfather' so it was with keen interest that I watched it for the very first time recently. I am a big fan of the spaghetti westerns from director Sergio Leone so it saddens me to say that I found this epic movie to be a disappointment. Why? I'll try and explain but it might not be easy.

    Firstly, there are a lot of things to admire. The cinematography is excellent and the acting is generally good. I did feel though that Elizabeth McGovern was miscast. The story is reasonably interesting and did hold the attention. But the major problem for me is that hardly any of the charaters here are likeable and I think that is a major flaw with this movie. You do need to care about a character even if they are a complete psycho. By that I mean that you sometimes want to see a character get their comuppance which means you have become involved in the film. I didn't really care what happened to anyone in this film at all. Also, it is too long and I felt it dragged at times.

    I must pay a compliment to the music of Ennio Morricone who does a great job once again. But the truth is I really was expecting a masterpiece here and what I got was a film that in the end disappointed me. A pity.

  3.  Very effective


    When this movie started, I did wonder if it was going to be a bit too slow. Gradually though, the story took hold and it became a compelling journey.

    Very well acted, an excellent sense of atmosphere and a movie that actually makes you think about what you have seen long after it has finished. It is very sad at times and not really a horror story, more a search for the truth. Having said that, there are some jumpy moments and this is a film that I can recommend without question.

  4.  Her best for a while


    I truly believe that this is Enya's finest release for quite a while.It could be called a concept album in a way as it is themed around Winter and Christmas.I think that it works very well.

    You do of course know just what you will get from Enya and in that sense it is predictable.But it is one of her most consistant albums.The up-tempo tracks work best for me with 'White Is In The Winter Night','Trains And Winter Rains' and 'My My Time Flies' the highlights.A couple of the slower tracks such as 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' and 'Spirit Of Christmas Past' sound as though they could have been sung in a cathedral and again work well.

    This is a fine album and showcases a talented artist at the top of her game.

  5.  A strange world


    It must be said that Terry Gilliam must have a very vivid imagination and he deserves credit for making movies that he wants to make.He doesn't particularly make commercial movies but this one is just a little too wierd for my taste.It is indeed a strange movie in a lot of ways and quite a few scenes were uncomfortable to watch.I just couldn't get involved at all.
    I do feel that the young actress in the lead role deserves plaudits for handling a difficult role very well so well done to Jodelle Ferland for being the best thing about a movie that will make you think but ultimately baffle you.

  6.  Reasonably entertaining


    I think that the best way to approach this movie is with an open mind.Don't expect a masterpiece because it most definitely isn't one.But this is a reasonably entertaining film with decent effects and just about the right running time.
    The script is corny and is as cliched as hell,but if you want to pass 90 minutes or so in an unassuming way then this film is worth watching.

  7.  "Who Will Buy?"


    This is a musical that has stood the test of time.With many memorable songs and an excellent cast,this film has some fabulous sets and a certain charm.
    Special mention must go to Ron Moody who makes an excellent Fagin,Jack Wilde a charming Dodger and Oliver Reed who makes for a very menacing Bill Sykes.The film is perhaps a tad too long but this is still an top drawer musical and a recommended purchase.
    The extras are a bit on the thin side which is a pity but there is enough here to satisfy any fan of musicals.

  8.  "He not only plays.He can shoot too."


    I have to say that this is an absolute must buy DVD at this price.Without question one of the finest westerns ever made,this is a true cinematic experience.
    The cast is excellent.Charles Bronson(mean and moody),Jason Robards(pure charm),Claudia Cardinale(gorgeous) and an unforgettable Henry Fonda(evil yet intelligent).This has so many memorable scenes and the extremely tense opening ten minutes is the bulid up to a true classic of cinema.
    Brilliantly directed by Sergio Leone and with superb music from Ennio Morricone,many people consider this to be THE number one western of all time.I still think that The Good,The Bad And The Ugly is the best,but this is very close.This two disc edition features many extras which just add to an unbelievable bargain.Buy it now.

  9.  I can't understand the stick this gets.


    I have read so many reviews that have slagged this film off without mercy and this baffles me.I have read the book and that does help understand the pretty complex plot but this can be enjoyed by anyone regardless as to whether they have prior knowledge or not.
    Tom Hanks is absolutely fine in the lead role,in fact I think it is one of his best performances.Ian Mckellen gives the best performance though and dominates virtually every scene he is in .The rest of the cast are fine though the lovely Audrey Tatou does seem lost at times.Ron Howard does a fine job directing this complex film and ties things together well.
    Yes,it is maybe a bit on the long side but the locations are great,the music is very good and overall this most definitely doesn't deserve most of the stick that it gets.

  10.  A good chiller


    This is a very good chiller.It's not the usual blood and gore type of horror film but it is very effective in what it sets out to achieve.
    There are quite a few good scenes here with the seance particularly well done and not overblown as so many of them are when they are on the big screen.With a good stroyline and with fine performances especially from the always reliable George C Scott,this is a horror film that may just be a very pleasant surprise.Recommended.