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  1.  The Glitter Way


    Brilliant, so entertaining, funny, worked the audience well and talks about her own experiences! Right up there with Michael Jackson as the worlds greatest live performers!

  2.  This Is AWESOME!!!


    I already knew this was an awesome film having seen it at the cinema... now on Blu-Ray it continues to be AWESOME!! His outfits sparkle, the effects blow your mind... and then there's the rest of the film!

    The Special Features on this are fantastic, you really get your monies worth (as always with Michael) and gives you an even greater insight into the effort that went behind this film and show.

    I'd pay 200 for this Blu Ray let alone 16... but be prepared to shed a tear or two...


  3.  The art of a good ending...


    Bought this film on a whim and i'm glad I did, it took play a while to send but was worth the wait. The lead character doesn't see himself as gay but those around him think he is - we follow him as he tries to figure it all out - sex with an older guy and a women doesn't help!

    It's a good film with an excellent lead actor, full of cute guys who CAN act, is thought provoking and moving.

    The only problem with this film is the ending... it was a bit abrupt! Not only that but the running time is not 1 hour and 12 minutes it's 1 hour and 2 minutes!!! Rather short!

    Regardless, it's a good film with good production and cast - well worth pay 6.99 for.

  4.  Uniquely original and so enchanting!


    Well I wasn't sure about getting this film but i'm glad I did. The story is very unique and enchanting and very original... Yes there is the occasional corny moment but it just works - the two lead guys are both great singers and stunningly beautiful and you really wish for them to be together... give it a try!

  5.  I want to be sheltered!!


    I have literally just finished watching this film (it arrived this morning) and... wow... i was recently looking through play's list of films and saw this so thought i'd take a risk... what a risk...

    This film is outstanding... the acting is brilliant, the characters are 100% believable and lovable... also helps that the leads are beautiful and loving...

    Think this could be even better than beautiful thing!!! There i said it!

  6.  Surprising, exceptional, and so very British!


    When i ordered this film i had no idea what it was about but was fascinated by it. I expected it to be about a punch of adolescent, rude school boys but what i found was a stunning story of the lives of several school boys and also the intimacies of the teachers and how their relationships help shape the boys lives and aspirations.

    I was gripped from the start all the way to the end... I loved the fact that this film dared approach homosexual storylines both with the pupils and the teachers and how each of these deal with them.

    The acting is outstanding and the storyline is fantastic... My only down point is the ending which was completely different to the pace and flow of the majority of the film.

    Still easily one of the top 5 films i've seen in the last year!

  7.  Outstanding... up there with Downfall and Schindlers List


    This seems more of a documentary than a film, and given that it's presented in two parts that seems more likely.

    This "film" is outstanding, the storyline, the characters, the direction and the locations are exceptional.

    Whilst downfall feels more realistic as it's still in german as opposed to this one where everyone is very english, this film stands out as potentially the greatest ww2 film.

    Robert carlyle is outstanding as hitler and just like the lead in downfall you marvel at how these actors can be so original and unique in what is, lets face it, potentially one of the hardest characters to portray.

    Whether you're a fan of ww2 films, looking for a film to educate people with or just want to witness cinema at it's best... This film is a must.

  8.  Surprising, and very sweet... not the usual gay film!


    So you're expecting the usual coming out / boy meets boy, boy falls in love and learns a valuable lesson...?

    Well this film isn't going to give you that! I was expecting this film to be a bit poor but the storyline is very good and really realistic... The characters are believable and not stereotypical or over the top.

    This film is not about love and coming out this film is about friendship and the path to knowing who you really are and excepting that... It's more a coming in film (the straight guys coming out film) as it centre's more on the straight character than the gay one...

    I sat just wishing these two guys would share a stolen kiss even just to re-affirm their sexual preferences but it never comes... And i guess in a way that is better because it leaves the rest up to your own imagination.

    For £6 i'd definitely give it a go!

  9.  Turn the volume way up and the lights off...!


    I saw this film when it came out at the cinema and was blown away... Yes the camera trickery made me feel a bit queezy but i actually thought that was good because it fitted in with the sort of anxieties and insecurities you would feel if you were in that situation yourself...

    The suspense and how the film plays on your imagination is brilliant and unlike a lot of films what the "invader" is, and what it's doing is not clear because it's not meant to be... This isn't a sci fi film this is a thriller!

    So turn up the volume, turn on the surround, turn off the lights and get ready to be thrilled!!

    And at this price (i paid £17 for it when it first came out!) you can't go wrong!

  10.  A psycological, realistical, horror thriller


    Don't listen to the rubbish reviews, this film is fantastic and unlike the last reviewer i've actually seen the film not just the trailer (how can you form an opinion of a film based on a trailer!?!)... This film isn't about making you squirm at gore or make you jump every second... It's about playing on your insecurities, your imagination and your anxieties...

    I loved cloverfield and loved the same style of film making that has been used for this film... Regardless of whether it's a remake/copy of rec (which is in spanish not english like this one) it's still a great movie to watch.