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  1.  Great fan - performance, value & looks


    Firstly, this is the black version of the 120mm fan as it's the F1254, as I expected so give it a google search before buying just to see what the fan looks like.
    It looks great, is really silent other than the sound of air flow and it's dropped my cpu and motherboard temperature by 4-5 degrees having replaced a 39 CFM Akasa fan. Considering the price, it's a great bargain. It has the performance you'd expect from a well known company, as well as great aesthetics.

  2.  Average - nothing special


    Ludicrous storyline, average script, average acting, average cinematography. It's okay and if you're into happy endings, then it's worth a watch, but by no means is it anything radical, amazing, or spectacular.

  3.  A Must for All PS3 Owners


    Easily the best FPS out there at this moment in time. The graphics are stunning, anyone claiming otherwise needs a better TV, there is a good reason it has been universally praised for it's graphics.
    The single player campaign is great. Great AI, settings, maps and weapons make it memorable and enjoyable from start to finish.
    The multiplayer is the best out. However don't expect an arcade shooter, or one which requires no skill (CoD5), but as the maps are huge and wonderfully designed, tatics and skill pays off. If you go into it with a Rambo attitude, expect to be shot to bits in a matter of seconds. The level system is great, and doesn't unbalance the game unlike the CoD series.
    Easily the best FPS out on the market. A must buy for anyone liking FPS'.

  4.  Great album


    Bought in Chester, worth a buy. Keeps the feelings of all the songs, ranging from rock to dance, yet with the eerie beauty of the electric violin.

  5.  Utterly Generic


    The single player is the normal, linear WW2 CoD action you'd expect. Some memorable scenes, but nothing really new other than your attacking from a different perspective. Some of the weapons are overpowered, like the flamethrower and air strike, the latter blowing up anything you want whilst taking a meagre 30 seconds to "recharge".
    The multiplayer is slow and dull, introducing nothing new to the genre. Expect people to camp spawn points and to snipe like crazy. The levelling system is broken as the higher you get the better guns you have. In theory this means you should level quicker the higher you are. In reality it means if your starting off (less than level 30) you get shot to bits by the people who have reached level 40+. Not to mention the levelling is painfully slow, the maps uninspired and weapons bland. As a 360 game this is good. As a ps3 game, its hindered by all the limitations of the 360 so expect a short, glitch filled (bayonet jump anyone?) game that would have been decent 2 years ago.
    Also you can't play coop online with a friend, and the split screen is atrocious. The draw distance is cut significantly and there are artistic murals on either side of the screen making each persons segment even smaller for literally no reason other than to have still pictures on the TV. Very, very pointless.
    A bland WW2 shooter that was dated before it was released. Save money and by the original.

  6.  A True Next Generation Shooter


    Single player is great although it takes a bit of time to get started and past the generic opening. The storyline is strong and there is the constant feeling of the war waging on around you.
    The multiplayer is stunning. 30 vs 30 has no lag and with some revolutionary ideas that leaves the generic shooter COD5 in the dark. There are no spawn points, other than you spawn by your team mates, preventing a chaotic messy shooter, and this stops the problem of people camping spawn points for cheap kills. The maps are designed so that you can travel cover to cover without being sniped all the time, and can even flank snipers easily. This is key a you can start the game with any weapon you want, which again is a great idea, one which they have perfected as there is no best weapon, its simply which one you prefer best or which one is best for the situation at hand.
    This game is as good/revolutionary as halo was for the xbox. A true 10/10

  7.  A Dive into Vice & Decadence


    Honestly I thought this movie was atrocious. The acting was average with a weak storyline and plot.
    I'm not one for going on what critics have to say, but this movie was slated for a reason. The main point of the movie is that a viceful and decadent lifestyle is good, which led to many viewers finding this a hard concept to connect with. Live on an island for your life free from governments whilst getting high and getting the woman you want by any means necessary. Wonderful if your 15 with no deeper insight into life, but as this was the only reason for living on "the beach" I found it hard to care about any of the characters or there want for a depraved lifestyle.
    The only crowd I can see this movie appealing to is the 4/20 crowd, other than that this movie will leave you bored and uninspired.

  8.  Great follow on to All the RIght Reasons


    Great album with a varied feeling, going from sex (literally S.E.X), drugs (Just To Get High), and more mellow reasuring sounds (If Today Was Your Last Day). If you lkes All The Right Reasons most likely you'll enjoy this album just as much.
    However, don't take many of the professional critics advice. Due to its sex, drugs & rock and roll theme, it's too much for many of the critics to listen to without getting so easily offended.

  9.  Great acrade racer


    Got this game a few days ago and was blown away by it. A massive step up from the first, graphically and with level design. There are 16 levels in total and each one has many different ways of completing it. Some people may prefer taking a fast and agile bike, but if you clip a rock or someone bigger, your done for. Others may prefer slower vechiles which handle much better in environments such as water and mud. End of the day choice is up to you. Reguardless of preferences all the vehicles handle well and even the big ones (monster truck, big rigs) are worth a drive and don't suck as the big cars in games usually do.
    With online play and a challenging offline play, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to play a fast & fun racing game with great tracks.
    Much better with dualshock 3 however, can really "feel" the bumps etc on the tracks.

  10.  Fun with a friend for a day


    After completing this on the medium difficulty setting with a friend within one day (10hrs), I would say that Army of Two is a great co-op game, mixing Gears of War and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter together. The hand-to-hand is a bit dodgy, but apart from that the fighting is decent, producing intense long and close range combat. There is a good varity of weapons, each being customisable as well as having their own unique feel. I didn't play the game online, nor without a friend taking the other characters role, so I have yet to test the AI of the partner. However the enemy AI is effective, with it flanking and using decent, not mindless, tactics. The game is quite un-pc in parts, making you shoot suicide bombers that run towards you like lemmings, but it flows well with the games tongue-in-cheek humour. My only critisicm with this game is the fact that it is so horrifically short. This is simply due to the fact that as it's a multiplatform game, it has to fit onto a DVD for the 360, and yet has to have good graphics. This leaves the game a maximum of 12 hours to complete it 100%. The 8gb limit of the DVD really hinders many cross-platform games such as Devil May Cry 4, the Tom Clancy games and more then likely GTA IV.
    In summary, Army of Two is great to rent out for a night with a friend, but not worth paying more than £30 for due to it's length.