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  1.  Great!


    This is a really nice shirt. Nice bright pink. Good alternative for the Supergirl fans, who want something different from the t-shirt with just the shield on it :) Sizes are pretty accurate!

  2.  Great buy!


    I love this shirt...different from the Led Zeppelin USA 1977 shirt that everyone has. Great design :)

  3.  Great read!


    This is a great insight to one hell of a character. Full of interesting tit bits about his life, down right mortifying stories from mishaps on stage and some lovely heart warming stories to reflect the different sides of the man. Would definately recommend this book to anyone :)

  4.  Awesome!!


    Totally love this game. It may be regarded as a kids game but can provide plenty of entertainment for the 'big kids' too! :) Very addictive and plenty of things to do in the game. Make your own combination of characters. Play through all 6 movies. A great buy!!

  5.  Great!


    This is a great cd. Discovered the band through Myspace and wanted to hear some more. Very funky and catchy songs. Great to listen to and different to the stuff that is considered 'popular' at the minute. Would definately recommend this cd. There is elements of funk, swing and rock in it :)

  6.  A great series


    This has just started showing on Five US over in the UK, and I think its an amazing show. The storylines of each episode grip you and you HAVE to watch to the end. Its an interesting idea - using maths to help solve the crimes...a good idea :) Like Criminal Minds, without the psychological stuff and applied maths instead.

    A must see!! :) :)

  7.  Could've been better


    It is an enjoyable read, but lacks something compared to the rest of the books. Some parts feel like they're thrown in for the sake of having it in there. Gets a little bit boring at parts. Found the very last two pages a bit ridiculous. Could've have been a better ending to such a well documented series of books.

  8.  An ok ending...but left open...


    This film has the usual things you expect from an X-Men film. Cool powers. Great action and fight sequences. Drama. But leaves you feeling as if there should be more at the end, or another film after. Characters disappear from the story fairly quickly and new ones aren't really developed. A good film, but could have done more :/

  9.  Very entertaining


    This is a great film. Has got the action you want and the humour :) great fight scenes and will make you laugh at some of the unexpected scenes (don't wanna spoil them!). Definately a good buy.

  10.  Hilarious!


    This is one funny guy :-) Saw him live last year and he was great! This dvd is a great buy. Will entertain you each time you watch :)