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  1.  Great album, a real musican at last!!!


    What a breath of fresh air from the usaual, manufactured stuff you get these days.
    A lad that tells his story with an accoustic guitar.. Brilliant!
    He reminds me of so many greats.. Dylon, Cash, Lennon and believe me he is in the same league.
    The album is musically great and it gets slower near the end, but it makes you listen more intently.
    Have a look at a live session he does of 'Lightning Bolt' you'll be blown away.

  2.  Unexpected, but Brilliant!


    I was one of the lucky one's to go see this film when 'Kevin Smith' gave questions and answers before it's offical relase.
    WHAT A FILM.. It's so hard to describe, but you will go through a few emotions.. Creeped out then Shock and by the end you'll have a weird grin on your face.
    It's so well shot, it reminds me of a great 'Tarrentino' film.
    There is no dull moments... Enjoy!!!

  3.  Dissapointing


    As a long serving RHCP fan i was really looking forward to this album and could'nt wait to buy it.
    However, i just can't warm to it, there is something missing. There is none of the powerful (go for it) songs on there, no attitude and no John Frusciante for sure.
    I ask any chilli peppers fan to listen to the previous albums and compare this to them.
    You will realise it does'nt touch em!
    I feel i have been very generous giving this album 3 stars, probably because i am a fan....

  4.  Really good!


    I bort this album on a whim. it came highley recomended from a friend. I've got the previous two albums and apart from the obvious hits they were dissapointing.
    So when i got this one i was blown away, i was waiting for a bad song to come and it just did'nt happen.
    Great album, a must buy!

  5.  WOW! Did'nt think it would be this good!


    I admit i bought this album on a whim. But no way am i regreting it!
    It is fantastic, thats all i can say. So if you have the chance get it, you will not regret it!

  6.  WOW! One of the best albums ever created!


    A friend of mine lent me the book 'story of the stone roses'. It got me interested in the band and so i bought the 'lemon' album in about march time this year, as advised from a few friends.
    I was blown away... I never thought it could be this good. I know the stone roses have this massive reputation, i thought it was a hype from some old boys at work! I was proved wrong.
    Since i purcased it in march (for £5, now £10) i must have listened to it a dozen times and still i don't get bored of it.
    I know this album has 'fools gold' but i hear that enough on the radio to know how good that is.
    Ian,john,reni and mani are legends. I'm not worthy!!!

  7.  Good film, but don't expect repeat of the first!


    I was given the first Clerks a few weeks ago and it is BRILLIANT!
    It had me so aborsed in the conversation with Randell and Dante. A truley well writen and funny film.
    However, i bought the second, thinking this must be good as the first was made on a shoestring.
    Don't get me wrong there is some funny bits in this film, but it lacks that constant humour that made the first a classic. It is still worth a look and even a purcase, but i strongley recomend the first one to get started.
    However, i reckon when you watch this one again i am sure it will grow on you. It's a keeper!

  8.  The best album they've done since 'be here now'


    The most recent Oasis albums have lacked something, I don't know what it was, but they just seemed too forced! Like they were releaseing them for there record company.
    However, This album is Fantastic. It seems like the Oasis of old that the whole world loved.
    I think the critisim Noel gave Liam about his vocals at the Brits has realy paid off on this album.
    It seems so natural, and it's great to hear him sing propaly. Instead of over the top manchester accent.
    It does tend to fade off in the last few songs, thats why i've only gave it 4 stars. But buy it, you won't regret it at all.

  9.  A little bit dissopointed...


    After all the build up to this album and the great record release of 'sex on fire'. I was very excited about this one, because they are finally being reconised.
    However, when listening to the album 3 or 4 times. I cant bring myself to love it like the previous 3 albums. Don't get me wrong this album is good, but it does not come close to touching the previous 3 AT ALL!
    I Feel this album has been toned down to reach a wider market of fan. Where's the passion? Where's them great lyrics that got them where they are?
    I Would advise anyone to purchase the first 3 albums, then you will know what i mean.
    As a KOL fan i was abit dissopointed.

  10.  Day Lewis is Class yet again!


    Daniel Day Lewis delivers another fantastic performance. He makes this film powerful with his harsh charater he plays.
    The film is good, it's deep to get into, but you must stick with it has it gets better. I Did find however that, if it was not for the good casting in this film. It colud have been a big flop!!
    It is worth a watch!