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  1.  A Disappointment


    Hotly anticipated, but disappointing. I fails to live up to MW2, or indeed COD4. Graphically the game underachieves, not a patch on the IW4 engine. It is glitchy, and ugly. The multiplayer is glitchy too, you'll fire a rocket, it lands inches from somebody and they survive...I've gone through the floor, gotten caught in sandbags, just not good enough. I feel let down, they have overcomplicated things, the cod points system has destroyed the fun of the game, which is receiving things as you level up.

  2. MAG



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     Great FPS title, with a few flaws


    I am only reviewing this now, after a good couple of months playing it. It is the sort of game that requires a lot of time an effort before you can really evaluate it. The gameplay is a mixed bag, you have to take the rough with the smooth, when the game is good it is astonishingly good. On the flip side, when the game is bad and a 12 year old is hurling abuse at you, it is not enjoyable. The gameplay itself is solid, little or no lag, a good frame rate and enjoyable visuals. This game will win no awards for design, it has a typically militaristic colour palette, and is pretty standard run-and-gun. However, the gameplay itself, blending a large number of people with military strategy and tactics works well on the whole and is the games real strength. Zipper, the developers behind the game, have continued to support the game by releasing a free add-on pack with various improvements. They very much listen to their community, something which is missing from bigger titles. Worth a punt at 36.99, you'll get hours upon hours from this game. A word to the wise, a microphone is a real advantage.

  3.  Puts Hollywood Blockbusters to Shame


    This game is epic on every level, the moment the game begins (not to spoil it for you), you are thrown into an epic battle as you scale Mount Olympus. The swooping camera, steady frame rate, superb lighting and graphics make this game look stunning. The gameplay is smooth and fluid, blending simple attacks together to achieve a complex effect. There are a good variety of weapons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game is brutal and bloody, just how I like it, from the snapping of jaws to the ripping of heads from torsos this game is packed full of brutal finishing moves. The puzzles are challenging, but do not outstay their welcome, and the game progresses on nicely. Although the story is linear, it is epic in scale and the cut scenes and back story animations are fantastic. The boss battles are challenging enough, but not so hard that they are almost insurmountable, unless you play on the "Chaos" difficulty. The only weakness is the voice acting, for some it is fantastic e.g. Kratos, Aphrodite but for others e.g. Hermes, it sounds poorly dubbed and rather annoying. All in all, this game, along with other PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted 2 make the PS3 worth having. I look forward to more titles taking advantage of the PS3s awesome graphical capabilities.

  4.  The Best FPS On Any Console


    This game is in itself a reason to own a PS3 console. Graphically the game is near faultless, the lighting, textures, character models, weapons etc. are just stunning. It is the sheer size of the environments that will amaze you. The game play is the most intense I have experienced, running from cover to cover, blood splatter, bullets, RPGs and flying torsos! The sound too is impressive, especially if you own a 7.1 surround sound system. Online is extremely enjoyable, different game modes make for a change in pace. The only downside I can see or rather hear is the voice over quality, some of the soundbites are just terrible, but this does not warrant knocking off a star for the game itself is a wonder to behold. Time to retire CoD to the bookshelf!

  5.  Purely based on the demo


    I found this enjoyable, not sure I'd pay full whack for it. The graphics are pretty impressive and the aircraft models are fully detailed. The number of aircraft available in the full game looks promising. Enemy AI is fantastic, fighting the aces is especially challenging however ally AI needs a bit of work and it often feels like they are not there with you. Voice chatter is authentic and the added camera mode to view missiles hitting their target is nice.



    This game is fantastic, great for all ages...i never get bored of this game it just keeps giving. Classic mode brings back memories of the n64 xd the new adventure mode is a great addition

    Buy this game

  7.  Amazing Game - Wouldn't Buy Now


    If you do not already own this game, why not? It has been the talk of the town for the past year. It is amazing, no denying that, but online is becoming harder and harder, if you are a new player you will find it hard to jump straight in and may get frustrated at the fact you are being owned. I know, i am a seasoned vet like most people and know the maps like the back of my hand...not really worth the money now. Bring it down to a platinum price and stop ripping people off because you know you can

  8.  Demo Is Stunning


    This game looks stunning, I am more than impressed, I am in awe. As racing games go, this will be the best on PS3!

  9.  Good Looking


    This is shaping up to be a good game, visually it is stunning, gameplay is innovative and highly reactive, I just hope the full game is not as linear as the demo.

  10.  Impressed


    This is an impressive game - finally a decent Star Wars game, we have not seen one for a while. Not since the likes of Battlefront or Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Graphics on the PS3 version are pretty solid, in all honesty, I brought a copy on the Wii but have played both...if you have a Wii buy it for that, graphics are not up to much but the gameplay is fun as hell!!!