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  1.  Impressed


    I own a PS3 and downloaded the demo for this game - thought it was ok but a little repetitive. Saw a video review for the Wii version, had to have it. The gameplay is top notch, using the Wii remote as a lightsaber and the nunchuck as the force! Great lightsaber duals and great physics. Two things that perhaps let the game down, and a star knocked off are graphics are below par and camera angles are a little dodgy at times. Well worth £29.99 Oh and another little tip, you want to play Vs mode you need two nunchucks...

  2.  Horrified


    This film is distasteful and horrific. It is torture for the sake of torture, the plot is non existent...terrible terrible terrible film. I'd rather go and cut off my fingers with a rusty blade....

  3.  Worth the money? - YES!


    Finally, after delays, the Dualshock 3 made it to the UK and Europe. I was not too keen on buying one at first, my SIXAXIS was still going strong. Eventually my hand was forced by the fact that my dog made micemeat of my old controller, and boy am I glad she chewed it to bits! The Dualshock feels much heavier in your palm, but not so much that it puts a strain on your wrists. The vibration is fantastic with games like Warhawk and Battlefield: Bad Company! It can sometimes be a little weak, but this is to be expected considering it is running on batteries and they need to get as much life out of the charge as possible. All in all it has made my gaming experience on the PS3 all that more enjoyable! Thanks dog!

  4.  Value for money


    Its a Sony what can I say? Well built, stays cool runs quickly. Excellent HDD space, RAM and dual core. Buy it.

  5.  Amazing


    Best console on the market, so reliable, amazing graphics and GT5:P you won't know whats hit you on 1080p. Although, if you do not have a PS3 and are going to get one, I'd wait until the LIMITED EDITION Metal Gear Solid Silver PS3 is released.

  6.  Played demo - Wouldn't go mad


    This game is extremely similar to FIFA 08, the players look almost identical to FIFA 08 seeing as it uses the same game engine. I like the addition of the blurred camera and close ups of the manager. However, it fails to hit the spot for me in the same way that FIFA did. The stadium in the demo looked rushed, the graphics were terrible. Yes the players look good, but if nothing else does, what is the point? Gameplay feels a lot different to FIFA, one advantage being that it is much more responsive to your actions. But still, it just fails to deliver, there is something missing. Lets hope the full version has some of these issues fixed, otherwise save your money and buy FIFA or Pro Evo.



    For goodness sake, stop comparing this game to Call of Duty 4. Yes we all know CoD4 was amazing, but they are two different games!! Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter offering a cover system, room clearances, fast roping and the like. You have a team under your direct command, it is nothing like Call of Duty. Please people, buy this game, it is awesome, the graphics are an improvement over the first one as is the gameplay. Online is much better with less lag, I found I could connect straight away (unlike on the first one). The game is not stupidly hard either, Vegas 1 was extremely difficult in places. This game deserves 4 stars, gameplay is fantastic, graphics are above average only thing missing is a decent storyline.

  8.  Superb


    Got this game today (day of release). I didn't think Co-Op could be so fun. The AI is incredible, enemies will actively flank you and seek you out and the 'Aggro' meter is a great edition which allows you to work as a team to overcome the enemy. Distractions, flanking..its all a part of the game. The game is fast paced, comical with a great interaction between the two lead characters. The story is lacking somewhat in depth but apart from that it is brilliant. The graphics are fantastic in places, not so in others, but the frame rate is good, as are character models. Gameplay is easy, nice easy button layout and customisable weapons all add to the experience. I must stress for parents not to buy this for their kids, its rated 18 for a reason, plenty of blood splatter and choice language (BUT I LOVE IT!).

  9.  Poor


    Not impressed at all by this, graphics aren't really next-gen, game play is clunky ans arkward (particularly vehicle controls). Most online servers suffer with terrible lag, save your money and buy another game.

  10.  Possibly the best game ever


    This game will go down in gaming history with the likes of Mario and Sonic, this truly is a legend of a game.

    Fantastic graphics
    Awesome sound
    Great storyline
    Brilliant, authentic voiceovers
    Amazing arsenal of weapons
    Great enemy AI (some parts of the game can be extremely challenging)
    Fantastic multiplayer with customisable classes - plenty of incentive to keep playing with unlockables and prestige mode.


    I cannot really think of any, but if I really really have to pick I guess I could say that the M14 and G3 should be fully automatic on multiplayer as they can be in real life.

    Buy this, you will not regret it.