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  1.  Fantastic title


    This game is amazing, no doubt about it, the only thing is you need a computer from NASA to run it! I think even the PS3 would have a hard time keeping up with this beast of a game.

  2.  Owned one - sold it


    I have always been a Sony Playstation man, when this was released I had to buy one. I brought my PSP and with anticipation switched it on. For the first few months it had appeal, the graphics are impressive for a handheld and the Wifi means you have a web browser and can play online. This is where the fun ends. Battery life is poor, the glossy finish is a pain in the backside. Fair enough on the PS3 its nice because you aren't holding your glossy PS3 and so you aren't getting finger marks all over it. This thing is too shiny, finger marks and smudges everywhere! The UMD media is limited in what it can offer. There were some great titles, but many recycled ideas such as the GTA Stories series of games. In all honesty buy a DS, tis much more fun, has a great dual screen with touch functionality and its region free!!

  3.  Fantastic


    It is such a shame that Sony messed up with delays, an expensive price tag and poor PR, because of the 3 next-gen consoles this has to be the best. I have had this for about a month now and I have had no problems with it. It doesn't suffer with the breakdown issues of the Xbox360 and is a lot more powerful. Games like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune really show what the PS3s powerful processor can do. As for memory, it is a lie that you are left with '7gb' as one reviewer has said. I still have 24GB left and I have movies, music and loads of games saves and updates on there. Not to mention full games titles such as 'Warhawk'. There is more than enough memory for the average gamer!! I'd love to know how many people are actually filling even half of their PS3s 40gb hard drive. This has the most potential of any machine on the market and puts out a fantastic HD picture! The upscaler works great on my DVDs and Blu-Ray movies - WOW! The operating system is simple to use, the online gameplay is free! I have loads of new online chums who I team up to play with, I simply send them a message or start a chat with them with headsets. It costs nothing unlike Xbox Live and is just as good!!!! There are always thousands of people online and I am not even paying for it. The playstation store is a great way of reliving old memories with PSOne game downloads and loads of other great content. The web browser works well and the WiFi is impressive, already built in. I find there is no lag when I game online wirelessly. This console looks better, it truly is sexy, glossy black, silver trim on the front. Attention to detail is amazing, even the little Playstation logo on the front twists so that you can have it stood upright or on its belly. The touch buttons look stylish and work great. No disk tray means that it can be tucked away nicely and finally the SIXAXIS controller works great, its light, has a good charge time and the motion sensor is great fun. In short buy one of these consoles, it is much misunderstood. You are getting an absolute bargain at this price.

  4.  Fantastic Value!


    Sony - good brand, the TV? Fantastic, amazing picture well worth the money.

  5.  Hit 'Buy' Now!


    I own Seasons 1 - 10 on DVD, they are all fantastic value for money. You don't just get recycled episodes, you get hours of commentary and BUCKET LOADS of bonus features such as concept art and TV ads. The episodes haven't been chopped and spliced either! They are complete in all their glory!! Buy this now!

  6.  Work of Art


    This movie will go down as a classic, a must have for all Simpsons fans. The TV episodes of late have become poor with guest stars drafted in at every opportunity and jokes and gags recycled. What we have here is Simpsons gold, in the same league as the very first few seasons. But seriously guys, you are on Season 18 now, time to throw in the towel?

  7.  Classic Ridge Racer


    Wouldn't spend 30 quid on it, but its not a bad game, good arcade fun. But to be honest there are better racing games for PS3 such as NFS: Pro Street, Colin McRae: Dirt, Motorstorm, Sega Rally and the soon to be released Burnout: Paradise!!

  8.  Superb Product!


    I do not understand these people who say that the SIXAXIS controller is 'too light'. It is good that it weighs very little, it means that you can play for a long time without getting arm ache from holding such a weighty, bulky controller. It is neat, fits in your hands nicely and the motion sensor works great. Dualshock 3? Who needs it, too heavy and I am sure the battery charge will be used up quicker. One criticism? It has no USB charge cable included! COME ON SONY! How much more will it cost you to throw one in for free?!?!

  9.  Suprisingly Impressed


    I've never been a fan of the Tom Clancy franchise, but for £17.99 I thought it was worth a try and I am glad that I hit the buy button. The graphics (so long as it is set to 720p rather than 1080i) are not impressive and I'd hardly call them next generation, the PS2 can probably put out graphics somewhere near this, but the gameplay and storyline make up for this. The team tactics and customizable weapons make for a different experience every time. Mark out enemies as priority targets, breach from two doors at once. Too much smoke? Just switch on your thermal goggles for a clear view of the enemy. Multiple scope options, silencers, laser sights, all these things just add to the experience and the cover system works really well. Just hold L1 and you find yourself behind cover, from there move your team into a flanking position, pop out from cover and give 'em hell. It is realistic too! No longer can you take an infinite number of bullets, a few shots and you are down and out. I wouldn't pay £39.99 but for 18 squids its worth a go. Buy this game.

  10.  Simply Amazing


    Well, where do I begin? When playing this game you could perhaps begin to think you are actually playing a movie. The graphics are stunning, Naughty Dog have harnessed the power of the PS3 to great effect. Vibrant colours, amazing textures, the water effects are just stunning. But when you get past that, you are not just left with a pretty looking game, but something fun to play as well. The AI of your enemies is fantastic, enemies will flank you, flush you out with grenades and will use cover as effectively as you. The story is deep and immersive with loveable characters, each with their own unique personalities. The storyline will have you guessing at every turn. Well worth the money, buy this game!