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  1.  Simply Amazing


    Well, where do I begin? When playing this game you could perhaps begin to think you are actually playing a movie. The graphics are stunning, Naughty Dog have harnessed the power of the PS3 to great effect. Vibrant colours, amazing textures, the water effects are just stunning. But when you get past that, you are not just left with a pretty looking game, but something fun to play as well. The AI of your enemies is fantastic, enemies will flank you, flush you out with grenades and will use cover as effectively as you. The story is deep and immersive with loveable characters, each with their own unique personalities. The storyline will have you guessing at every turn. Well worth the money, buy this game!



    Released in 2004 - Half Life 2 still manages to compete with the next-gen graphics of todays games. This box is an absolute bargain and does not suffer with the technical issues of the two console ports to the 360 and particularly the PS3. The Steam online community if fantastic, thousands of online gamers 24/7 and cheap games to buy and download to your account!



    I am either way on this console. Yes the motion sensor technology can be fun, but it soon becomes tiresome and boring. You start to actually look at the games you are playing and realise - the graphics are horrendously bad when compared with the other two consoles. The PS3 has a motion sensor which has much potential, games like Warhawk utilise it very well. The Wii is a fad pure and simple, it has little potential to be more that what it is which is a toy. Good for children and parties, but the real next-gen gaming comes with the PS3 and Xbox 360. SPEND A BIT MORE - TRUST ME ITS WORTH IT.



    When viewing the trailer for this game, I wasn't too impressed, and to be honest the trailer doesn't give a good enough representation of the games graphics. Hook this up to an HD TV though and its a different story, the whole battlefield comes alive with HD sound and vision. You feel as though rockets are literally hurtling over your head at high speed and you really feel the impact of close explosions. The online gameplay is fantastic. On foot? You can call in artillery strikes, flamethrower your opponents or just RPG them to dust! In vehicle? Drive jeeps at high speed, destroy your opponent with the battle tanks and let them know you have arrived! And finally in the air? Well what can I say, the dog fights are fantastic fun, with the SIXAXIS controller really coming into its own here, this game really shows the potential of that the SIXAXIS can do. Deploy heat seeking missiles, use chaff to out fox your opponent, pull stunts in the air and blast out the turbo to escape a firefight. Did I mention the stealth pick-up?! Just buy this game, seriously buy it, this is the reason why the PS3 was created.



    One word, amazing! This could be the racing game of 2008. I downloaded the demo version a couple of days ago, its like a full game all in itself. Took me around 30 minutes to cover 11 miles of the map, there is 250 miles of road to explore in the full game, imagine the time it'll take to do that! This game is insane!! Graphics - mind blowing, the crash effects are simply awesome, you could swear you are watching a real pile up on the freeway. Can't wait for the full online mode, the demos online mode is fun enough!! BUY IT!!

  6.  Amazing


    I saw the majority of the first series being filmed, an amazing comedy, well worth the watch!

  7.  Great Game


    This game is fantastic for any flight enthusiast and the price makes it worth it. However, to run the game smoothly on high graphics settings I recommend a Dual-Core and a good graphics chip, Nvidia 7 series or higher.