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  1.  BFMV ^^


    Amazing T-shirt
    Amzing PRICE
    Amazing BAND
    Bit too Big.... Not a problem though as its BFMV

    BFMV FTW ^^



    I played this game round my friends, and it is amazing. The guitar and drums are really realistic and when you play with friends it is really fun. A lot better than getting guitar hero, because you get drums and a mickrophone. The songs are really good, well good rock ones!!

    \,,/ rock on!!

  3.  Brilliant 5 star


    Brilliant ipod, i am writing this review off my itouch!! The itouch is absolutely amazing so many applications and a great touch screen and for only £169 u can't go wrong!! Brilliant

  4. Savage Garden

    Savage Garden

    Savage Garden (featuring Darren Hayes) - CD

    22 New from  £2.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     Surprisingly Brilliant


    Now Im not the number one Savage Garden Fan but do like a couple of their most famous songs i.e. Truly Madly Deeply and To the Moon and back. So, seeing it was a bargain in a previous sale I thought Id give it a go. And im very glad I did. Apart from the songs mntioned previous I was surprised their was some amazing tracks that have gone unoticed. Such as the break up song Thousand Words, the fighter song Break me shake me and the very catchy tears of pearls. The others are good but not fabulous. However, all songs evoke different emotions from you making it a perfect album whatever mood your in and at this price, its an absolute steal. Worth every penny if you liked their most famous songs.

  5.  The #1 car game....ever


    Forza Motrorsport 2 is absolutely amazing!!

    Firstly the graphics are very realistic, especially wen u take damage. If you smach your car into something then you can break small things like brake lights or your rear window wiper!!

    Secondly, there are over 100 cars to choose from. You have different cars in different classes, D,C,B,A,S,U,R4,R3,R2 AND R1!!

  6.  OK...Not brilliant


    This film is good, however it is not brilliant.

    First of all, it has too much singing. I know it's a musical but there is a lot of un-needed singing.

  7.  WOW


    Well, where shall i start...

    Firstly, the graphics are unbelievable!! They are so realistic its as if your watching it live!

    Secondly, the 24/7 mode is brilliant, you can start as a rookie ( overall 34 ) or as there actual overall, it depends if you want a challenge.

    Thirdly, LIVE. Playing on XBOX LIVE is a nice challenge if you have completed 24/7 mode and Hall Of Fame. Don't try Xbox Live straight away though, otherwise you will have no chance...

  8.  Brilliant game


    A brilliant one player game, you can use nearly anything you want to, to kill all of the zombies. Don't underestimate them though...

  9.  Worst of all three


    Shrek the third wasn't meant to be a fantastic follow-up to the others and after the amazing standard set by Shrek 2 it had a lot to live up too and unfortunately It didnt. It was completely awful, it had a few funny moments (normally because of the donkey played by Eddie Murphey) and the plot was reasonably sensible and some of the special shrek sparkle was present however it did not match either of the previous dvds and was disapointing. Only buy if your a big shrek fan and dont mind spending your money on something that is more to finish the stories and make you laugh only a few times rather than it being totally spectacular.



    This DVD box set is essential for any Red Dwarf fanatic! Ive seen all the episodes now and it is a hell of a lot cheaper to buy this box set than to buy the series seperately, although you don't get the extas.

    But who smegging cares?!