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  1.  Good but story is way to short


    Dont get me wrong, I loved this game the day i got it, the only problem was that the day after i got it i had finished story mode and since i am an only child the multiplayer battle mode kinda went out the window. I now try to get 5 star on all the levels which is very hard.If you want a long lasting game get smash brothers brawl ( dont worry, sonic is in brawl!) , otherwise get this game if you have brothers or sisters to play with you.



    Smash bros brawl is the best game that was ever invented you must buy this game and ignore all bad comments. I started writing reveiws because of the game ( Hence my name AuraSmash) so everyone get this game if you dont you will never have the most fun in your life.

  3.  Cool


    This is the new way to play pokemon. A pokemon gaming revolution!

  4.  cool


    A good game, the regeion is big and there are loads of pokemon to catch it will keep you busy for ages!

  5.  im a huge dragon fan!


    Great book, anything with a dragon is amazing! A must buy!

  6.  Good for short time use


    The game is ok, a new way to catch pokemon, but thats all you do, not much of an adventure...

  7.  Funny!


    A really funny game, I like the fact that you can do what you want!

  8.  Great


    I like the game but all you do is race theres no adventure.

  9.  great


    Go shadow! A great game for both shadow or sonic fans! Personally I think shadow could own sonic or silver anyday, shadow is the ultimate life form you know!

  10.  its ok


    The game is ok. All you do is battle though. Theres no adventure, or catching(which is one of the main points of pokemon) in the game.