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  1.  Average sequel


    Nice to see Lungdren back he was a great character in the original but this is another pointless sequel. Its entertaining just for the fighting and action though. I think Van Damme and Lungdren look too old for these films now they should stick to roles that suite there age more. Would have been interesting to see Lundgren fight Andrei Arlovski since there both tall guys and baddies but Lundgren only appears in it for a short time. Over all its slightly better than Return but only just.

  2.  Good fun


    It was a fun game to play especially when you can take over as the Predator although I haven't tried the Alien yet. The controls weren't too bad but I will agree with people that the campaigns were a bit too short. Maybe they should have missed out the marines and just had you play as an Alien or Predator.
    Would have been nice to see a few more cut scenes but over all it wasn't a bad game it just needed to have longer campaigns. Just great to see an AVP game made and I hope they make another one.

  3.  Fast paced action flick


    I hadn't seen this in a while and forget how good Van Damme was in the 90's. Maybe not a memorable Van Damme film but it still had some great action and comic relief from Rob Schneider. I hope he makes it big again because I would love to see him making bigger budget films like he used to.

  4.  Good remake


    I just saw Quentin Tarantino on sky movies introducing this film and he really likes it and even before I saw his interview I thought the same thing. I don't think its a great remake but it was still really watchable with a different take on it . The original was made in a more classical horror style and had more shock value but this version adds a more modern take on it with good pacing. The only thing I can say is try not compare this to the original and your probably like it more.

  5.  Kick ass 80's flick


    I really enjoyed watching this as a kid and still like it loads now. Such a fun sc-fi flick with lots of great fighting and funny humor. Never relised Stephen King wrote it which was interesting but its one of Arnie's best films. Its a classic with some memorable scenes and lines. "What happened to buzzsaw" "he had to split".

  6.  Darker and more fun sequel


    Although the original one is a classic which everyone knows about this is still a very fun film to watch with some great new characters. There's Tick Tock, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Gump. Mombi still freaks me out with her head in the cabinet and the creepy Wheeler's. I think in some ways its better than the original but only because its not a musical so you don't get song every 10mins like the original. This film is defently underrated and I'm sure kids today will enjoy it.

  7.  Stylish but lacked something..


    It seemed an ambitious film which was based off a popular manga story but lacked something. I carnt compare it to the anime film since I haven't seen that yet. The story seemed interesting and unique but I'm not sure if it was the acting that let this film down or just the directing.
    Mark Dacascos did a good job and has the charisma and fighting skills for the leading role. Tchéky Karyo's voice seemed to have been dubbed which I didn't like because his french accent wouldn't have harmed the film but helped it more than anything.
    Its not bad and better than most martial art films but could have been a bit better.

  8.  Needed more episodes!


    Don't get me wrong its great having the first season on DVD finally and I cant wait for the others but I found out the US version got 30 episodes were as the UK got only 13.
    So there missing a huge chunk of episodes from the syndication list which were allot. The US DVD had 5 discs which I'm sure the UK DVD season 1 could have done. So its a good DVD but there missing loads or you might have to buy loads more seasons to make up the rest. I hope they dont forget about them since there's some great episodes from the list like:-
    Knock, Knock,
    The Man Who Never Reached Home,
    The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic etc...

    So it would be good if people knew this and the people who are working on releasing these DVD's, so that they don't forget about the ones I'm on about.

  9.  A really fun game!


    Firstly great hearing the actors voices again it was like watching a third film almost. The story was good the gameplay was really fun and you felt like you were in the film catching those pesky ghosts.
    It was quite creepy in places which was great because it needed to get a back to the first film again with its eerie feel.
    I think they did a really great job on it when it could've have been one of those cheapy games based off the film. Carnt wait for the third film now.

  10.  Ridley Scott's master piece fantasy adventure


    A film I used to watch as kid and its a brilliant fantasy adventure with great imagination. The forest was enchanting and the characters really interesting. All the models and sets where brilliant in this film.
    About the score I found the tangerine dream score slightly irritating.
    I think the Tangerine dream score did sound beautiful in its own way and really reminded me a Zelda game which had allot of influence from this film but I preferred Jerry's more classical score.
    The directors cut with Jerry Goldsmiths score is the best version though.