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  1.  Gameplay grows on you


    Graphically this is a good launch game and the use of 3d is good. Saying that i prefer to play with 3d off (just my preference). After a bit of frustration I have got the feel of the game and it is rewarding and fluid. Maybe it is my move to the FIFA series in recent years that left me with an uphill task to get back to grips with PES. I would have given this a 4 star but for the lack of online multiplayer and two particular gripes that are 1) You cant turn the commentry off. 2) You cant turn the music off. Both get very annoying and there is no need to have both without the option to turn off.

  2.  Solid all round media fun


    I had a 3rd gen which was pretty cool but the addition of the gyroscope and the retina screen are very very good additions. I bought the ipod mainly for gaming and messing around online. The gyroscope makes a good improvement on some games and to be able to aim with the accuracy it provides is a real god send in comparison to what else is out there in the portable gaming world.
    I think the Ipod 4th gen should be considered as a 'proper' competitor to the PSP and DS. Touch controls will never be quite as precise as an a dpad/anolog stick and buttons but the touch control mixed with the gyroscope make for some pretty cool gaming. Then we have price. What would you rather do? Pay (at time of writing) 24.99 for fifa 11 on the PSP or buy the same game (minus a lot of options yeah) for 3.99 and then spend the rest on free games and games for 0.59p that are easily as good as a.3.99 PSP mini if not better. Gaming aside the music player speaks for itself, safari is very good and slick for basic web browsing. Oh yeah there is also a very good choice of films and series on the store. The camera is a bit of a let down for pics and video's but to be honest it's not a show stopper for me. All in all this is a very good in one portable media centre that you shouldn't miss.

  3.  Proper Gaming


    I'm not even a fan boy but hear this now. PS3 is overhyped just as was the PS2. Still living on the popularity of the first playstation. 360 is graphically superior at time of writing and has a proper online community. I owned a PS3 recently for about 2 weeks before I sold it like the flop it is. Acheivments rule, so do freinds lists and so does the 360. The red rings of death suck but at least Microsoft fix it hence only 4 stars and not 5. Overall though 360 is for gamers. If you want a blueray player get a PS3 and cry when you realise what an overhyped games machine it is. jaggies ahoy!!!

  4.  Dissapointing


    I bought a PS3 when my 360 died. I thought that it would be a good time to upgrade to the supposedly superior PS3. First impressions were good althought it doesn't come with a HDMI cable and so doesn't actually give you any means of a HD connections out of the box (total rip off). £15 later I bought a HDMI cable and was up and running. My first impressions of the games were pretty good until I tried to update Motorstorm and found that It just would not update. Then tried to install Ratchet and Clank to find that there is a bug that forces you into either downloading or deleting 500 megs to force the game into an install. Ropey. This is meant to be a next gen system. Then booted up PES2008 and couldn't believe the drop in graphical quality compared to the 360 version. There was also an option to install the game to the hard drive so I went ahead thinking it would sort out the long load times. One installation later and there was absolutely no difference and so a complete waste of time. To be honest i spent quite alot of time installing updates and waiting for long periods for the downloads to complete. Ok I know you have to pay for xbox live but PSN was just stupid.

    On the bright side some of the games were really good. Everybody's golf, Resistance Fall of Man etc. The breaking point came for me when my 360 came back repaired and I ran the two systems together to test the graphics. I ran the fracture demo and the Star Wars Force unleashed demo and swapped between inputs on my TV. Sorry to say that the PS3 versions looked dull and washed out compared to the 360.

    I'm not a fanboy and just like games whatever platform. But with regret my honest opinion of the PS3 is an overhyped overpriced waste of cash compared to its rivals.

  5.  Much better than the original


    I've owned the original PSP and got rid of it due to the clunky feel of the analogue and the long load times. I was quite cautious in buying the slim n lite but I'm glad i did.
    Although the analogue is only slightly raised compared to the original PSP it seems to offer much better control. Maybe this is contributed towards by the slimer frame of the system. Either way it alot more comfertable in the hand. The load times are also improved slightly with the extra 32 megs of ram. Can't give this a 5 star as the screen still has some ghosting but the slim n lite really makes PSP gaming a fun experience and now I'm a PSP fan.