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  1.  the best of 2009


    Ok, so normally every friday i watch the tudors because i love that show. But now....not so much. It's too boring compared to true blood!
    True blood is thee most amazing vampire programme ever and far, far, far better than twilight. And might i add, stephanie meyer has so copied the true blood books. And if you decide to watch true blood, you'll soon find out why.
    The guys in this programme are so freakin' hot. That's just one of the reason why you need to watch this programme.
    I've recommended true blood to hundreds of friends, but they missed the first episode (big mistake), so they aren't hooked on it yet. I keep saying to them "watch it from the beginning!"
    The script is amazing, the cast is fantastic and it's just so freakin hot! Just pre-order your copy.
    Yes, it's practically soft porn - which is something i normally hate and detest - but you soon get use to it and stop shielding your eyes. In fact, you begin to love it!

  2.  nice :)


    it's a good quality t-shirt. and the design is pretty cool as well. the only flaw is the length. when i first looked at it, i thought it was too short and it wasn't going to fit me. it did, but only because i have a really, really, short torso. so buyers beware!!

  3.  an amazing game!


    if you have an nintendo wii & ds and your debating which format to get it on - get it on the wii!! the screen is tiny on the ds and it's rubbish! trust me! after playing my friends game, i loved it instantly and ran to the computer and bought it from play.com
    i'm waiting for it to be delivered!
    it's an amazing game, fun for the whole family. best game i've ever bought.

  4.  fantastic movie....


    I turned 15 the year this movie came out in the cinemas...and i persuaded my dad to take me. I ended up crying. I found it intense and slightly disturbing in some parts. Amazing movie!

  5.  ok so i haven't heard all the new songs....


    But i've heard "rain on your parade" which is amazing!!! And i think it should be the new bond theme tune. The one they have chosen is pure crap.
    2 Be honest, this album was brilliant when it first came out, so the new songs can't make it much better, but i imagine they'll make it that extra special. This album is on top of my christmas list.
    Yes, ok it is rather annoying when they bring out another version of the same album (like rihanna's good girl gone bad: Reloaded) and i'm rather lucky because i didn't rush out to buy the album when it was first released - a friend let me borrow it - but who cares?!

  6.  love this book


    I adore this book. It's leaves you feeling happy inside once you've read it :)
    You have to buy this book!

  7.  I love these little things!!


    Please bare in mind i haven't bought this specific product (i bought one seperately from a shop)
    They come in 4 different flavours - bubblegum, tutti frutti, chocolate & another flavour (which i've forgotton)
    Each comes in a cute little ice cream tub and the other great thing is the saving! - I bought one for £1.99 (£7.96 for all four)
    They're great for stocking fillers, or as a little gift for someone!
    Defo worth buying!!

  8.  Another classic from Jacqueline Wilson!


    Yet again another superb book! I first read this when I was about 12-13 years old and recently read it again and wow, it's amazing. Very, very, very easy to read but I wouldn't recommend children under the ages of 11 reading this book, due to parts being about adult and teen love life.

    This and "Midnight" (again from Jacqueline Wilson) are a must buy.

  9.  Loved every page


    I'm 15 and not much of a reader but I've always loved Jacqueline Wilson. I was in the mood to read a book, so I chose midnight, which my mum bought me years ago (your never to old to read a Jacqueline Wilson book), but In the past, I never had the desire to read it. Once reading the first chapter, I couldn't put this book down! It took me a day to read it and I loved every page. My imagination went wild. It's a fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone.
    The way Jacqueline Wilson has written it is simply perfect, she's spot on! The words she uses are amazing and it's so easy to follow. Like I said before, I'm not familiar with reading books, so it can sometimes take me a while to understand what the author means by their usage of words, but with this book -no problems-
    I have to say, this book has made me love fairies! Just a quick tip to young buyers, if you find it boring in the first couple of pages, keep reading! I swear it will get better.

    Definitely a must buy!

  10. Music


    Madonna - CD

    32 New from  £1.49  Free delivery

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     this is the real madonna


    i love this album, it's hip and funky and this is defo the true madonna style instead of her new album "Hard Candy" which sounds more like she's feat on the songs. She makes the songs on this album her own, as if she's wrote them herself. I can't stand madonna anymore, she's out of date but this album is fantastic!