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  1.  Great Kart game


    I never fully played the original but I was a massive fan of the N64 version. Technically, this title is superior in graphics, variety and gameplay, but the N64 version had 4 controller ports so you could play multiplayer with one console. Thats what always made it better. The online mode in this mario kart is a good alternative, but nothing beats a good sofa and 3 mates. However, this is as good as mario kart gets on a hand held. And dont give me that 'Super Circuit' crap, this is way better!

  2.  Great


    This cable provides HD quality to flat screen televisions that have a VGA port. Your TV doesnt even have to be HD ready as VGA ports arent really a certified option as far as High Definition advertising goes.

    Apparently, HDMI offers superior quality all round. I play my PS3 in HDMI and my 360 through this cable and I see no difference whatsoever.

  3.  This is it


    If you've read my other reviews, you will remember me mentioning that PGR3 is the "best racing game I ever played", well, its been stripped of its title. Forza provides a more genuinely realistic experience while still keeping the difficulty levels very managable. The cusomisable options are great, helping you personalise your vehicles to reflect your favourite manufacturer, or even turn it into a motorised Xbox advertisement!

  4.  Very good


    It is a satisfying game and I believe its lived up to its name quite well. A game like this is rare on the PS3- an enjoyable FPS with a solid online mode. However, Call of Duty 4 provides a superior experience as its multiplayer is a lot more complex AND it actually has a worthy single player mode. The inclusion of user-created content is a nice addition, but, to be frank, unless you have an internet connection, this game is rather underwhelming.

  5.  A classic


    I played this game many years ago and it gave me many hours of mindless fun thanks to the 'create a scenario' option. However, looking back on it it, this title hasnt aged well so I would imagine its quite difficult to get in to in this day and age. Despite this, you cant go wrong at a fiver!

  6.  Incredibly efficient


    So far, I see no difference from wired, even though my wireless router is situated on the other side of the house!! The only thing that I will say about is the price- its terribly expensive. Not just here, but everywhere. It actually might sting you up to 60 quid in some stores!!!

  7.  Good price


    This is a good price considering I spent 35 blinkin quid on mine in a store. Generally, its quite useful, but there arent a lot of games available for the PS3 where you'll be able to fully exploit it. Many other gamers dont have a headset so you'll often find yourdelf talking to no-one but yourself. Despite this, the product itself is good. Its got a good battery life and is probably the best PS3 headset currently in the market.

    Hopefully though, it will come in more handy in the future when the new SOCOM comes out.

  8.  Unforgettable


    Having owned the 360 version of this game, I can safely say that this version is the superior of the two releases.

    I am just coming to the end of the main quest and all I can say is...."wow" The realm of Cyrodyyl is perhaps one of the most sophisticated and beautiful game worlds ever created. I sigh in pleasure as I venture many miles into the wilderness for no apparent reason and stumble accross a lovely little chapel with its own quest.

    For me, the beauty of this game comes from its ability to distract you from the main quest, just at the sight of a small cave on the side of the road, or by listening in on strangers conversations.

    There are some minor technical issues which are expected to arise in a game such as this that constantly demands all that your console has to offer, however, they rarely hinder the otherwise amazing experience.

    The longevity of this game is astounding. After you finish the main quest, there is no way to keep track of how many side quests there are, or even their locations. You just have to go on the biggest adventure of your life and discover them all for yourself!!!

  9.  A surprising treat


    My three friends and I went to see this movie as we are all unified as die-hard RAMBO fans. Every one of us came out of the cinema believing that this one was the best in the series. Sure, Sly may be rather past it, but I believe the movie was made around that fact. The feats that John Rambo pulled off in the earlier movies have now been transformed to (slightly) more believable events, thanks to the realistic setting of the currently war-torn Burma, and the relentless depiction of realisticly shocking violence.... A must see.

  10. Halo



    1 New from  £29.68  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.90



    Its been said time and time again.... This game is a truly groundbreaking experience, and one of the finest games ever made.