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  1.  Good good


    Khp247 doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, saying it has a 176x144 screen is way off, its 240x320, exactly the same resolution as the nokia 6820 which you seem to think is 620x480, which no phone is that high, that's not even a proper resolution, the highest so far on phones is the iphone and similar others, which are 320x480, as for no where saying the resolution, everywhere does! You google this or any other phone and within seconds you'll have the specs up telling you everything about it! Now then. Camera... Meh, pretty bab lens so pics don't look great, the cmos sensor aint great so you get red green and blue phosphor spots in the pics when lookin at a pic on a big screen, at native resolution they look pretty awful, my ancient 3650 with its measly 640x480(vga) camera took better pics than this, the screen is a bit dim on it too, other than that it looks good, its nice and slim, decent battery life and the mp3 player works well, i also have a 5300 in the same colour as this. The menu's all look the same, mp3 player is slightly layed out different, to be honest i prefer the 5300, its shorter but fatter as its a slide open phone but it has a much louder speaker and the screen is significantly brighter. So if you want a nice thin phone get this, if you want what essentially is pretty much the same phone but shorter and fatter and brighter aaand louder get the 5300 xpress music.
    That is all, peace out kids!

  2.  Ahhhhh the slow start in life


    The PS3 reminds me of the Dreamcast, it had a slow start, barely any good games for a while but then it picked up and got some real shiners (just like the PS2 actually.. man i got bored of Timesplitters and Smugglers Run), as a hardcore gamer thats always owned all systems in all honesty the XBOX360 is the best right now, it has the best range of games, and after all thats why your buying a games console right? but like i said it takes some time with some machines, the PS3 will eventually get a whole load of great games, GT5 will be great, im certainly looking forward to Ratchet and Clank, i love platformers, with this new lower priced machine i say go for it, though if you want to play your PS2 games upscaled id reccomend the Starter Pack which has a the 60GB machine and 2 games (Motorstorm aint so hot in my opinion, got bored of it pretty fast, and i love games like that... Resistance is brilliant though) One thing i dont understand is why this machine cant play PS2 games... the PS3's ability to play PS2 games is purely software emulation... and thus this machine can do it exactly the same as the 60GB... maybe they will try to sell backwards compatibility on the Playstation Network, sony loves taking our money ha ha ha. Also, if your a Wii owner.. just be patient, i know it kinda sucks once the novelty has warn off and you realise all you use it for is the Everybody Votes Channel now and then but decent games will arive, Super Paper Mario is awesome i reccomend anyone who loves platformers to pick that up, Super Mario Galaxy will be great too, if you dont have Zelda get it now! Long Live Consoles!