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  1.  Wayyyyyyy Over rated!


    I thought that the amount of publicity this game received before is was released, meant that this game would be a definate must have!

    However, 1 player mode is boring, and repetitive (especially when that little characted gives you a life story before and every test). 2 player mode is a little better, but still you have the same games and limited play modes.

    This game is probably good in small doses, every so often - just not a game for me.

    Personally, I think it may be fun with more than 2 players, but I'm not willing to take the chance.

  2.  Challenger for Wii game of the year!


    Grand Theft Auto on the Wii - but better! This game is superb, by far my favourite on the wii, and possibly my favourite game ever on any console (perhaps GTA Vice City on PS2 is still top) but Driver: PL has great gameplay, very movie like strory line.

    The combonation of using the wiimote to shoot/aim and the nunchuck to drive allows you to be in complete control of your gun, and car at the same time. A HUGE range of cars and bikes to collect and modify, means that you will never get bored of the vehicles on the game!

    Bad points - Not many, but... When driving, (personally) I feel comfortable with the nunchuck in my right hand, slightly tilted to the right. The reason i have brought that up, is that, if you tilt the nunchuk enough, it acts as a handbrake, which is annoying at times when you start veering off the right/left.
    The only other bad point that I can think of is; all the cars (no matter what it is) seem to hit 60mph within about 2 or 3 seconds, which is a little unrealistic, but I can live without it, and will coninue to love and play the game. A definate buy!!!

  3.  Lame - Only worth it for the remote.


    I was expecting quite good things of wii play, however I felt that each game was only worth playing once, and I have not touched it since. The only good thing I can take from wii play was being able to use your created 'Mii'.

    Nevertheless, on the bright side, it is now great to have more than one wii remote linked to the console, allowing the choice of playing multiplayer on a number of games!