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  1.  No detail's required - simply the best game ever.


    Details are pointless, but, as you can guess by the reviews below this one, you can tell that this game is one of the best games ever, rivaling Halo 3. If you have a PS3, you need this game. The graphics are superb, and the storyline and gameplay are thoroghly entertaining. You don't need the rest of the details. Overall, the best game I have ever played, bar none. Buy this game, or you will miss out.

  2.  One of the best albums, ever.


    I personally love love love this album. Avenged Sevenfold have changed since City Of Evil, which was a downright masterpiece in itself. They have moved away from the screamo, heavy metal genre to a more alternative genre, with such songs as "A Little Piece Of Heaven," and "Dear God" with elements of country and broadway, but yet still has the good ol' Avenged Sevenfold songs we know, such as "Almost Easy" and "Scream." My personal favourite song is "Unbound (The Wild Ride)" because it has excellent riffs which make you want to sing along. I would recommend this song to any self-respecting Avenged Sevenfold fan, because it is excellent. And if you like a band which make you think, dance, scream, sing and think all at once, this is for you. And at £9, it's a done deal. Click buy now, or forever hold your peace.

  3.  One of the best films I have ever seen.


    People are saying that this is the worst film they have ever seen and that the camera work is really bad, and to them I say: "What is wrong with you?"
    This film is filled with tense, suspense filled action which will have you biting your nails, wanting to know more. The camera work, using a supposed hand-held video camera makes this film that much better, with the fact that you know as much as the main characters, and the fact that it gives a first person perspective on the whole happenings of this film.
    It has an original storyline, and is excellently crafted, and believe me, after the film ends, you will be wanting to know more and more. Personally, after watching this film, I was jumpy and scared, it was that realistic and good.
    To be fair, however, the first 20 minutes of the film are really boring. Basically, the first 20 mins or so explain the lives of two characters and the setting up of a party about to happen. Believe me, skip this part.
    But after that, you get dived into the action, and so, overall, this intense film is well worth watching. Don't shun the film, judge it after you've watched it. I personally loved it, but this film is like Marmite - it's either loved, or hated.

  4.  Excellent frightening gameplay.


    Firstly, I would like to express an opinion on all the blow-hards that complain about graphics for this game on the PS3. Yeah, they're inferior to the graphics to such things as a very good gaming PC, but who cares? Right, onward. F.E.A.R, firstly, is a game which will make you jump so much that by the end of it, you will have to change to nappies. The game-play is very enjoyable and if you like scary films, then this game is definately for you. The plot is an original, gripping, tense situation which leaves you coming back for more. However, it does have it's drawbacks. Sometimes, the plot does get slightly confusing, and occasionally, the game just makes you go "What in hecks name just happened?" but overall, this game is deserving of 5 stars. Enjoy horror flicks, or scary games such as Condemned? You will love this game.

  5.  Over average, but might not appeal to the older generation.


    I am 16 years old, and my brother bought this game, just after I had bought Resistance: Fall Of Man. At first, I thought; "Ratchet and Clank? It's for little kids," and so refrained from playing it. It wasn't until my brother persuaded me to have a go when I realised that it was quite a decent game. With lots of laughs, and better-than-average gameplay, Ratchet And Clank, Tools Of Destruction is a force to be reckoned with. Yet, it has it's drawbacks. For all those Call Of Duty 4 or Resistance: Fall Of Man fans (which in fact is me included,) who are used to blood, gore, reality, guns, and so on, then this game might not appeal to your tastes. This game is very well made from the last three prequels, unparalleled in graphical quality compared to the other 3, and the gameplay is comical and fun. Buy this game if you have enjoyed Ratchet and Clank's prequels, otherwise, only buy it if you enjoy humourous, slap-stick fun. Hardcore Call of Duty fans? Stay away.

  6.  If you haven't got this game, then you NEED it.


    First thing's first. This game is unparalleled to others. Yeah, Call Of Duty 4 may be better for Career gameplay, but overall Resistance is a much better game for Co-op. You must understand, however, that the gameplay for Resistance is still extremely gripping, and fun, and will keep you on the edge of your speaker-laidened seat. It's a known fact that Resistance: Fall Of Man was the first ever game for PS3. The proof is on the side: "PES 00001." And personally, I can be a bit skeptical about the first games to be released for consoles - they seem rushed. But Resistance is not like that. Yeah, graphics could be better, but remember, it was released over one year ago. (March 7th 2007, I believe.) You may not know, but graphics qualities have changed alot in one year. Anyway, yes. If you do not own this game, then buy it. £25.99 is a very good price for an excellent game. Overall, Resistance: Fall Of Man get's 5 Stars. Why? Because it is an extremely well put together game with lots of potential for a sequel, and until that time comes, this game will always be the best in my books. Buy it. Buy it now.

  7.  Absolutely Magnificent.


    To put it simply, this phone is excellent. In my opinion, one of the best on the market. It has a magnificent mp3 player interregated in it, so you can listen to music anywhere, everyhere, and the camera is decent!
    You might need new earphones though, thats it's only downfall.
    But, overall, just an excellent phone. Get it if you love your music. :D

  8.  Very good.


    This game is a must have for any 1st person shooter fanatic. It polymerises the action of shooting with stragegy, and also brings into the picture the action of One-on-One hand-on-hand fighting. There is only, however, a few incidents where this actually happens, but when it does, it is extremely exciting and tense. What it lacks is offline multiplayer mode, but still, this game is EXCELLENT. I would recommend this game to anyone with a good sense in games. =)

  9.  Better than the first one.


    This game is far better than the first one, by far. The graphics are better, and also the gameplay is much easier - for example, picking up weapons is alot simpler. It is also very "on the edge of your seat" exciting, as you don't know what is coming next (unless of course you've played the game before.) Haven't played COD3 yet, but Im getting it soon. Can't wait, as it looks better than this one, but for now, this game is a MUST HAVE game for the PS2. You have not lived until you buy this game.