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  1.  Good Film


    I enjoyed this film, but I can understand that some people might not like its non-ending finish. This isn't a good guys win brainless type of film, it tries to make you think a bit, and understand that the world isn't a nice perfect place. In a way its similar to the ending of Lord Of War, however that film does pull it off better.

    Also if your a fan of architecture then you'll also enjoy some of the stunning locations that they found...and if anyone knows the name of the cliffside home of the politicians sons?? It wasn't mentioned in the feature.

  2.  Excellent, apart from the software!


    This is an excellent device, and very well built. The management software however is appaling, and Adobe Digital Editions is no better. Neither one allows you to update the metadata, so you get nonsensical book names and authors. However all is not lost, download the fantastic open source Calibre, and you can easily manage all of your books.

  3.  Appalling Transfer


    If you've got the DVD don't get this, appalling quality, poor sound. Not even a clean transfer, specs etc.

  4.  Appaling


    I guess Snipes is trying to redeem himself after his appalling behaviour during the Blade 3 filming. And has chosen some random film that has a 'sweet' kid in it, and a hallmark ending, to do so. Unfortunately, the kid and the female detective (Lena Headey) are much better characters and far better actors, leaving Snipes to be the out of place ugly duckling.

    Avoid this and buy Shooter instead!

  5. Prey


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £15.60  Free delivery

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     At this price...buy it!


    The gravity bending level design is excellently done, but unfortunatly there isn't much else apart from that. The 'spirt' world only used for plot and very basic puzzles.

    However if you like FPS's, then its well worth the price.

  6.  Irritating


    After looking forward to reliving Psygnosis Demolition Derby, which was hinted at in the demo. I was very disappointed by this game. The flatout mode, is just a standard race game, where you have to avoid 'carnage' where at all possible. Which seems to be a bit pointless given the name of game, the actions of the other drivers and the level layout. These add up to making this mode a case of restarting each race until you fluke it through the chaotic mess at the start.
    The other main mode is slightly better, but gets repetitive quite quickly. The races in this are also pretty badly setup, you win by causing damage...cept for most of the others AI cars are there to go fast.

    The redeeming feature of the game are the demo derby arena's, these are excellent fun. Pity you can't play both types as standalone games (you can only play the single life, no powerup, one)

    The mini games are fun for a bit...but are all basically the same concept...fling your driver at/through/over something. better in party mode.

    Could have been far better, given the great game engine, sound effects and physics, you should feel more rewarded by creating carnage. But instead your actively trying to avoid it!

    I would defo recommend renting/borrowing before purchase, just in case like me your expecting something other that whats delivered.